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New Wins TSRS Allstate Texas Thunder 50 at THR Saturday

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For more Information, Contact:

Mick Anderson

Thunder Hill Raceway

(281) 460-5322


New Wins TSRS Allstate Texas Thunder 50 at THR Saturday


With the weather shifting from showers to sunshine Texas Super Racing Series veteran Bobby Jo New took advantage of ideal racing conditions to best a field of 22 cars in winning the inaugural event of the 2007 TSRS season at Thunder Hill Raceway Saturday night as the opening event of the Allstate Texas Thunder & Lightning Racefest. Starting on the pole with a fast time of 15.679 the Austin racer beat fellow front row starter Jesse Salazar (15.680) to the line on the first lap and never looked back.


Under the gun with a 50 lap or 30 minute time limit imposed by the televised NASCAR Grand National Division West Allstate Texas Thunder 150 which followed, the racers knew they had to “rock and roll” to put on a good show for the packed grandstand. “We were very proud of our TSRS teams”, said TSRS promoter Mary Ann Naumann. “They finished the event in 22 minutes and with only four brief caution periods. The first caution came on the second lap when Leland Waddell and Kyle Sirizzotti got tangled up coming out of the fourth corner. It was a tough break for both drivers especially Kyle as he crashed out of the ASA Pro Late Model event earlier in March at Houston Motorsports Park during Speedfest 07. We’re hopeful both drivers will be ready to go for our second event in late April”.


Seguin’s Joe Aramendia worked his way around San Antonio’s Jesse Salaza to finish second after starting 3rd when Ryan Englehardt had to start in the rear of the field because of mechanical problems. With Salaza finishing strong in the third spot, Bobby Teer Jr. claimed fourth with Elgin’s Tommy Gural rounding out the top five.


15 cars finished on the lead lap including Gary Chancellor Jr. who had lost a motor in a late morning practice session. “We were happy with our finish”, said Chancellor. “Thanks to a motor loan from Joe Aramendia and the work of my great crew we qualified 15th and finished 10th. We were hoping to do better as our team manager Sharon Chandler and I were donating our winnings to the United Way Capital Area fund with help from our primary sponsor Roadway Specialties Inc.”


The Texas Super Racing Series 2007 season resumes on April 28th when THR opens its regular season with TSRS as the headliner. Racing fans are invited to return to THR this Saturday, April 7th when the USAC National Midget Series makes their only Texas appearance during their 2007 season in the Allstate Texas Lightning 100. For more info visit www.texasracefest.com.


TSRS Texas Thunder 50 “Unofficial” Results


1. # 1 Bobby Joe New 50 laps

2. # 79 Joe Aramendia 50 laps

3. #18 Jesse Salazar 50 laps

4. #2 Bobby Teer Jr, 50 laps

5. #9 Tommy Gural 50 laps

6. #4 James Reeder 50 laps

7. #13 Ian Webster 50 laps

8. #38 Craig Sellman 50 laps

9. #12 Adam Haugh 50 laps

10. # 44 Gary Chancellor,Jr. 50 laps

11. #53 Ryan Englehardt 50 laps

12. #49 Robert Walton 50 laps

13. # 25 Teresa Gural 50 laps

14. #50 Brian Moczygemba 50 laps

15. #23 Ugo Bevione 50 laps

16. # 7 Chris Schild 46 laps

17. #03 David Snokhause 44 laps

18. #18s Cody Smith 42 laps

19. # 6 Jason Hollander 19 laps

20. 00 Beau Bukowski 7 laps

21. #28 Leland Waddell 2 laps

22. #93 Kyle Sirizzotti 2 laps

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This is just a guess but there are probably a few more SAS cars that are legal to run with TSRS, but due to the stipulations for pit passes having to be purchased by a selected date, which was before the announcement of SAS closing, only those drivers who were registered for this past weekend events, before that selected date would have been able to get into the pit area. That is just a guess.

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This last weekend was a special race with the Nascar folks there, so there were some things that Jack let slide. I would strongly encourage all SAS cars who plan to run at THR to meet the rules regarding mufflers in all classes. There were several new TSRS cars that weren't running them either. We don't need another battle or reason for our neighbors around THR to try to shut this track down too.

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Congrats to all the competitors in the TSRS Series.


Got 50 laps in less than 30 min. Good Job! Still had a few wrecks but , ya'll got back to green pretty quick each time. That takes good communication between the track and spotters and cooperation from the drivers involved.


Keep up the good work!

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