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SAS Cars?


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I tried to leave a voice mail but your voice box is full so trying to get the answers I need here.... If we have a SAS Road Runner car looks like it meets your street stock rules except for the intakes, we used the 2701 performer intake with a Holly 2 barrel... Trying to make sure this falls into your rules or if there will be provisions made to allow us to run... Also tires are different... What exact tire can we run down there? We currently have 3 brand new AR's along with several AR take offs, we also have a full set of new Hoosiers but not sure which hoosiers since they came with my wheels when I bought them, they are slicks though no treads.... Please let the SAS guys know that are in limbo like myself about what we can or cannot run....

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I should be seeing Chico later this evening and i'll talk with him about some of the possible concerns

that you have brought up. I've already talked to a few different drivers that are interested in converting

their cars over to dirt. Maybe you can find out how many are really interested in coming over and in

what classes so we can do some comparisons. Call me at 210-289-0740



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I have spoken to g.swenson, frank t., joe horn, gary among several others. We will make some provisions to allow everyone who wants to "convert to dirt" as painless as possible. The al-lum-min-eum intakes may be an issue for much discussion. I do know that there has probably been a small fortune spent on slicks getting ready for the season. We will have to set some sort of guidelines to allow for these tires to be grooved for this season for everyone. I would like to have a driver meeting with all interested as soon as possible. Don't be bashful - feel free to call me - I am available. Sorry about the mail box. It has been quite the eventful day, from rain out questions to SAS, no matter, give me a call and If I don't know the answer I'll get it.




Chico Cox / Tri-City Speedway




Jamie give me a call.





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