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I didn't think it was that hard at all to view the photos, but maybe I wasn't clear in my instructions that I posted in a previous thread.


First of all, just click on the following link:




Just type in San Antonio Speedway in the User Name field - no password necessary. And then just select the appropriate album to view the thumbnail views of the pictures.


You may want to save this link as a Favorite in your Internew browser so you don't have to remember it in the future.


I'm not sure why it's taking your 30 minutes to find the photos - didn't think it was that complex. If you're still having problems viewing the photos, give me a call at 210-685-0400 and I'll walk you through it or try to figure out why it's taking so long. Maybe others are having the same problem??


I've also posted the contact information to order the pictures. You can reach Art Rodriguez, our SAS Track Photographer, at jriggy4439@earthlink.net.


Regarding your comment about last year's photos, I've been trying to use the TSZ website to upload the pictures. However, it takes a somewhat complicated FTP process that I'm still trying to figure out. I've managed to get a couple of the pictures to upload, but I haven't figured out how to batch process all of the pictures - way too many to do individually. Maybe one of the previous photographers can walk me through the process??

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