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ASALMS Friday Practice times at SAS


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San Antonio, Texas (03/02/2007): Day One of the 2nd annual Quality Pre Owned Cars and Trucks Alamo 200 Presented by Express Lube and FLF Racecars is now complete. The Fifth Anniversary 2007 Season in the ASA Late Model Series Presented by GM Performance Parts is halfway through the first event of the year overall in the ASALMS.


The cars and stars of the crown jewel of the ASALMS, the Challenge Division, will now prepare for the big day tomorrow as the fast 0.500 Mile High-Banked Paved Oval of the San Antonio (TX) Speedway in San Antonio, Texas serve as the gracious hosts for the first event of the Fifth Anniversary 2007 Season in the series “Where Champions Race”.


The 200-lap Feature is paying a whopping $10,000 to win and $1,000 just to start tomorrow nights feature. Joining the ASALMS Challenge Division this weekend in San Antonio, Texas will be the SAS Regular Weekly Divisions of Sportsmen and Road Runners along with the Traveling Texas Pro Sedans Series, who all will be running in their respective 2007 season openers as well.


The San Antonio, Texas speed plant has 32 cars on the grounds of the 36 that pre entered as Indianapolis, Indiana veteran, Peter Cozzolino set the pace in the third practice session while Colleyville, Texas driver, Ryan Lawler turned in the fastest lap of the entire Friday Practice Session and unofficially broke the track record in the process!


As for the third practice session, Cozzolino tripped the clocks at an 18.649 which measures out to 96.520 MPH. Pat Bourdow Memorial Rookie of the Year title contender, and Practice Session One Quick Timer, Derek Thorn was second quick at an 18.691 while his 5K Motorsports teammate, Kris Stump was third fastest at an 18.825.


Buda, Texas driver, Colt James was the fastest Lone Star State representative this time around with an 18.862 while Travis Dassow completed the Top Five with an 18.877. Ryan Lawler (18.898), Keeton Hanks (18.911), Brian Campbell (18.923), Second Practice Session quick car and Rookie Andy Hanson (18.934), and Robins, Iowa veteran, Jim Ross (18.951) rounded out the Top 10.


In the fourth and final practice session, Lawler unofficially broke the ASALMS track record for the San Antonio Speedway as the Texan turned in a fast 18.401 lap, which equals out to a quick 97.821 MPH.


Thorn was once again quick as he has been all evening with an 18.769 while 2006 ASALMS Northern Division Champion, 17-year-old Jesse Smith was third fastest at an 18.847. Hanks was fourth with an 18.883 and Campbell, who’s also been amongst the fastest cars all day, completed the Top Five with an 18.86.


Hanson (18.890) was again fast as he was sixth followed by Dassow (18.919) in his back-up car. San Antonio veteran, Tommy Grimes (19.104) was next followed by Charlie Menard (19.105), and another San Antonio favorite, Lloyd Alexander (19.144) were the final Top 10 of the evening.


There were three crashes during the four total practice sessions as Corning, Iowa rookie, Bryant Goldsmith crashed in turn two while Danny Ouderkirk slammed the turn three wall extremely hard, but was ok. Finally 14-year-old Thor Anderson hit the same exact spot as Ouderkirk later in the evening. All three drivers are ok but done for the weekend.


Saturday March 3, 2007 is race day as the ASALMS Challenge Division will open the 2007 season with the 2nd annual Quality Pre-Owned Used Cars and Trucks Alamo 200 Presented by Express Lube and FLF Racecars. Registration and the Pit Gates both open at 10:00am while the Practice Tech Line opens at 10:30am.

At 11:00am race day continues with the Drivers Meeting and Qualifying Draw. The Crew Chiefs and Spotters Meetings will immediately follow in 15 minute increments. The first of Two Practice Sessions will go at 12:30pm for one continuous hour and then again at 1:45pm for another continuous hour.


Immediately after the second and final practice session, both the Qualifying Tech Line and Tire Impound open at 2:45pm with ARP Bodies/Aluminum Racing Products Qualifying set to roll off at 4:45pm. The Overall ASALMS Track Record was set back on October 21, 2006 as Landon Cassill turned a lap measured at an 18.469.


The SAS Weekly divisions of Sportsman and Road Runners will run their respective Features beginning after the National Anthem at 7:00pm; the GMPP Shootout will go at approximately 7:30pm. There are no plans at this time to transfer any teams out of the GMPP Shootout.


The Texas Pro Sedans Series Feature will follow the GMPP Shootout, and then it’ll be time for the Alamo 200 Pre Race Ceremonies and Driver Introductions. The 2nd annual Alamo 200 Presented by Express Lube and FLF Racecars will then get the green flag at approximately 8:30pm. All times are in accordance with Central Standard Time (CST).


San Antonio Speedway is located at 14901 State Highway 16 South, in San Antonio, Texas, 78264. For more information about the 2007 season, please call the track offices at: 1 (210) 628-1499 or 1 (210) 827-4254. You can also log onto the tracks website at: HTTP://www.SanAntonioSpeedway.com.


Keep up to date all race weekend long by staying logged in on the ASALMS Challenge Division Website at: 2nd annual Alamo 200 Race Weekend


Practice Session Three (3) Results

1. 11 Peter Cozzolino 18.649-----96.520 MPH

2. 5 Derek Thorn-R 18.691-----96.303

3. 15 Kris Stump 18.825-----95.618

4. 015 Colt James 18.862-----95.430

5. 89 Travis Dassow 18.877-----95.354

6. 131 Ryan Lawler 18.898-----95.248

7. 35 Keeton Hanks 18.911------95.183

8. 77 Brian Campbell 18.923-----95.122

9. 08 Andy Hanson-R 18.934-----95.067

10. 114 Jim Ross 18.951-----94.982

11. 12 Michael Annett 18.968-----94.897

12. 32 Sean Murphy-R 19.065-----94.414

13. 22 Tommy Grimes 19.068-----94.399

14. 28 Jack Smith 19.075-----94.364

15. 45 Michael Simko-R 19.092-----94.280

16. 13 Charlie Menard 19.109-----94.196

17. 81 Jesse Smith 19.141-----94.039

18. 61 Chris Archer-R 19.159-----93.951

19. 93 Kyle Sirizzotti-R 19.227-----93.618

20. 115 Lloyd Alexander-R 19.237-----93.570

21. 4 Thor Anderson-R 19.244-----93.536

22. 09 John Wes Townley 19.263-----93.443

23. 14 Brent Seeley-R 19.288-----93.322

24. 36 Ryan Durst-R 19.311-----93.211

25. 16 Austin Siebert-R 19.416-----92.707

26. 47 Chris Fontaine-R 19.546-----92.090

27. 3 Bill Tomlinson 19.638-----91.659

28. 111 Tom Grothues 20.446-----88.037

29. 18 Cody Smith-R NO TIME

30. 20 Kyle Eastham-R NO TIME

31. 24 Bryant Goldsmith-R NO TIME

32. 71 Danny Ouderkirk NO TIME


Practice Session Four (4) Results

1. 131 Ryan Lawler 18.401-----97.821

2. 5 Derek Thorn-R 18.769-----95.903

3. 81 Jesse Smith 18.847-----95.506

4. 35 Keeton Hanks 18.883-----95.324

5. 77 Brian Campbell 18.886-----95.309

6. 08 Andy Hanson 18.890-----95.289

7. 89 Travis Dassow 18.919-----95.142

8. 22 Tommy Grimes 19.104-----94.221

9. 13 Charlie Menard 19.105-----94.216

10. 115 Lloyd Alexander 19.144-----94.024

11. 28 Jack Smith 19.151-----93.990

12. 114 Jim Ross 19.176-----93.867

13. 93 Kyle Sirizzotti-R 19.211-----93.696

14. 36 Ryan Durst-R 19.228-----93.613

15. 45 Michael Simko-R 19.235----93.579

16. 14 Brent Seeley-R 19.270-----93.409

17. 16 Austin Siebert-R 19.386-----92.851

18. 61 Chris Archer-R 19.388-----92.841

19. 09 John Wes Townley 19.427-----92.655

20. 3 Bill Tomlinson 19.755-----91.116

21. 111 Tom Grothues 19.827-----90.785

22. 20 Kyle Eastham-R 19.938-----90.280

23. 47 Chris Fontaine-R 20.029-----89.870

24. 4 Thor Anderson-R NO TIME

25. 11 Peter Cozzolino NO TIME

26. 12 Michael Annett NO TIME

27. 15 Kris Stump NO TIME

28. 015 Colt James NO TIME

29. 18 Cody Smith-R NO TIME

30. 24 Bryant Goldsmith-R NO TIME

31. 32 Sean Murphy-R NO TIME

32. 71 Danny Ouderkirk NO TIME


ASALMS Pre Entered Teams that are NOT on the grounds

8 Eddie Hoffman

27 Tom Smith

83 David Wilson-R

96 Greg Davidson

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