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Expected rattler entries


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This was posted on The Mobilespeedway.com board.




Allen Karnes

Andy Pugh

Augie Grill

Brian Scott

Casey Smith

Chris Davidson

Chris Gabehart

Danny Bagwell

Dave Mader

Donald Long

Donnie Wilson

Eddie Van Meter

Gary Nix

Grant Enfinger

Greg Boone

Jason Hogan

Jason Young

Jeff Fultz

Jeff Scofield

Jeremy Rice

Jessie Reed

Johnny Brazier

Justin Drawdy

Matt Merrell

Ryan Crane

Shaun Mcwhirter

Stanley Smith

Stephen Davis

Wayne Anderson

Wes Loyd

William Wambles

Ben Rowe

Bubba Pollard

Dale Little

David Hole

Dennis Reno

Duwayne Middlebrooks

Eddie Craig

Hunter Robbins

Josh Hamner

Keith Thorpe

Ronnie Sanders


About 10 more maybes and several I expect but didn't get to talk to so I am not posting them. Noticably absent, Jr. Niedecken, Eddie Mercer.




These are the only ones I have had a chance to talk to. Didn't get a lot of time to spend on these. We are expecting a lot of the GAS regulars.


BJ Holley

Dakota Stroup

DJ Vanderly

Eric Wallace

Joey Senter

Joey Watkins

Korey Ruble

Michael Pope

Mike Williamson

Royce Johnston

Tony Clark

Ben Rowe

Bubba Pollard

David Hole

Dennis Reno

Eddie Craig

Gregory Tallent

Keith Thorpe

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