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San Antonio Speedway will be exhibiting the SAS show car at the AutoRama . . . along with showing race videos, etc. If you're a SAS or USRA driver, bring your driver's suit and spend some time with us at the booth. It's your chance to show off to the public, give some autographs and help us promote the races.


Our thanks goes out to Aaron & Sara Leddy (C&C Graphics), Jamie Fuller (Alamo Body & Paint) and Jared Benker for helping us get the show car ready.


And, just in case you haven't heard, Terry Labonte will be there from 2P-4P on Saturday. We'll definitely be talking to him about making a SAS appearance during 2007.


Please give me a call (210-685-0400) if you think you can help out with the booth - if you're a driver, fan, crew member, official etc. There's a lot of hours to cover the booth and we may just get talked out before the weekend is over . . . even me!

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please add me to Saturday afternoon. I'll be working our booth/spot both Fri. night and Sat. day


let me know what time...



Cool . . . maybe you can cover the booth while I check out Terry Labonte!


So far, I've only heard from Mark (KISS_Racing) and Mona Turner. Anyone else volunteering to help??

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