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Q & A with Jeff Pollard

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Jeff Pollard Race Preview

At San Antonio Speedway

Saturday, Aug. 16


Contact: Chuck Licata (512) 736-8230


The Checkered Flag: Houston resident Jeff Pollard, who runs in the Texas Super Race Series (TSRS), will run in this weekend’s TSRS race at San Antonio Speedway.


The 2003 TSRS season to date for Jeff “J.P.” Pollard:

6 Starts

2 Feature Wins (@ Thunder Hill Raceway, 4/5/03; at Houston Motor Speedway, 7/26/03)

2 Pole Positions

5 Top-5 finishes (out of six feature races)

6 Top-10 finishes (out of six feature races)



Q&A with Jeff “J.P.” Pollard


Q: Give a few details about your earlier race (May 3) at SAS this year?

A: We had tested there in the pre-season and it went well. We showed up with the same set up for the race and the car was okay, but not great. We were a little disorganized on race day; we’re not used to having to unload the trailer. As a result we really didn’t make great use of the practice time we did have before the race and, as a result qualified 6th (our worst all year). Fortunately, practice and racing are two different things, and we managed a Top-5 finish – barely!

Q: If you were giving "advice" to others about SAS, how would you tell them to drive the track?

A: The line is so different than any of the other tracks that we race. You really need to re-think everything that you’ve learned at Thunder Hill Raceway and Houston Motor Speedway. Specifically you need to let the car run up high into the corner, let it rotate, then drive it “down the hill” on the exit. You carry so much speed into the corners it really gets your attention!

Q: Will the fact that you lead the TSRS points be on your mind while you're driving at SAS?

A: No. At least, I don’t think so. We don’t really have a lot of experience being a “points leader,” so I can’t say for sure. I’d rather be leading the points standings at this point than not be leading, but still, there’s plenty of races left.

Q: How much momentum will you take into this race coming off your win at HMS?

A: It has been a tremendous help in a number of ways. First, the crew is really fired up. We briefly held the points lead after our first win, and that really inspired them. You really don’t mind doing the mundane things it takes to get a car ready for a race nearly as much when you’re coming off a win. The car didn’t need much in the way of repairs after the HMS race so we’ve been able to relax a little bit, rather than spending every waking hour underneath the car – like we had to do to get ready for the last race.

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