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Texas Pro Sedans to race at SAS on 8/19/06

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Texas Pro Sedans to race at San Antonio Speedway on August 19th


San Antonio, Texas


By Neil Upchurch


San Antonio, TX (August 15, 2006) - By invitation from the United States Racing Association (USRA), the Texas Pro Sedans (TPS) will contest their ninth race of the 2006 season at San Antonio Speedway. The August 19 event was originally scheduled for Corpus Christi, but was moved to the San Antonio half mile, high banked track. It will be the second of three joint USRA/TPS series races organized by USRA this season.


The August 19th race at San Antonio Speedway will be an exclusive all feature race presentation of

the United States Racing Association. Featured classes will include:


USRA Super Late Model Series – 125 laps


USRA Modified Series – 75 laps


USRA Truck Series – 50 laps


Texas Pro Sedan Series – 25 laps


TPS has invited Corpus Christi Speedway Thunder Cars to participate in the TPS race. CCS cars

will be accepted, as is, provided they are in compliance with their 2006 CCS Thunder Car rules.

They will be allowed three optional rules upgrade exceptions.


1. CCS cars may mount TPS 13” Hoosier Racing Tires or use their DOT tires they ordinarily use.


2. CCS cars may optionally change to after-market suspension parts.


3. CCS cars may optionally lock drive wheels.


The Texas Pro Sedans race format will consist of 2 laps of Qualifying Time Trials at approximately 5:30pm which will be followed by a 25 Lap Feature Race for the four cylinder Texas Pro Sedan

series four cylinder stock cars at approximately 7:10pm.


A field of 27 drivers have filed their entry for the August 19 TPS race at San Antonio Speedway. More entries are expected. A large variety of car makes is expected to participate ie: VW Scirocco, VW Rabbit, 2005 VW’s, VW Sedan (air cooled), VW Karmen Ghia, Chevrolet Cobalt,

Ford Mustang, Ford Taurus and Ford Pinto, Honda CRX, Datsun 510 and others.


The San Antonio based Texas Pro Sedans series is conducting it’s 31st consecutive year of four cylinder stock car racing and is the oldest stock car touring series in Texas.


- 30 -


For further information regarding this News Release, contact the TPS Office at 210/655-3222,

or by Email message to: neilupchurch@sbcglobal.net

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