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THR SS driver Buck Basey hits the road


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One of our fellow THR SS drivers hit the road last night and made the trip South to Corpus Christi to race. From what I've heard, Buck started scratch and finished 4th in their super street stock class. This was Buck's first trip to the Corpus 1/4 mile - great job Buck! See you back at THR this weekend.



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This is Buck's daughter Nicole. Well CC Speedway is different, I will tell you that.


Several of the local guys at CC Speedway came up to my dad, asking questions about what he was running, tires, air pressures .....you know all that stuff...lol. Well one guy told my dad that his tires were too big for the track. (He ran 35's i think, and the other guy ran 2-15's and 2-25's). The guy said that the car will probably run straight into the wall. (He was extremely nice and helpful. He offered my dad tires but they couldnt fit his rim size) At this point I myself was scared, b/c I really didnt feel like tearing up the car. So my dad had no other choice but to run them. In the first practice, my dad started to feel the track and get into the groove. I was really impressed that what that guy was saying was not totally true. I think he was impressed himself. In the second practice, my dad got the hang of it and went faster each lap. My uncle my dads crew cheif (doug) timed him 6/10 off the track record. With the right tires who knows how fast he would of been. After a few adjustments, practice 3 came around, and my dad took turn 4 a little smoother and was doing good. In Corpus they run the heat races differently. They run all the fast heats first then slow heats second. (instead of both heats of each class back to back)


In the heat race my dad started scratch. I believe in the first few laps a car pushed up on my dad and caused him to spin. The 29 car then pushed up on my dad, a few laps later, and my dad skimmed the wall, not to bad of a hit. He moved up pretty fast though. Then out of no where my dad came up with some sneaky move and went from the back ( i think 6th or 7th) to 3rd. You know my dad, he came out of the car and said " So how did you like that move?" lol.


Then the Super Street feature came along. My dad started scratch. i believe there were 15 cars. The cool thing out there is if they had 16 cars or more they pay $650 to win instead of $350. The unfortunate thing is last night we missed it by one car. But thats ok. Well the 26 looked like he might of been having a problem w/ his car so my dad stayed back away. Well the 29 car went straight into the wall, good thing my dad saw that or he would of been right there with him. There were several cautions before they could even finish one lap. They probably did a/b 5 or 6 restarts. There were several cars knocked out of the race or black flagged.


Well through out the race my dad showed improvement on knowing how to drive the line of the track. He says it is different racing on street tires rather than slicks/racing tires. It did look different. He said it was really slick out there. My dad passed several people and missed several wrecks. He went into the dirt and almost lost it one time...lol. He saved it though. Cars just kept goin off the track. He was in 15 and went to 7th within a/b 10-15 laps or less. He ended up 4th in the race. I was really impressed compared to how much they tear each other up.


Everyone was extremely nice out there and very helpful to us. The drivers were friendly, and I didnt see any fights except for one argument in the stands. My dad after the race told the EMT guys "It was a crazy night". They said "No, (lol) this was a good night, b/c we didnt have to haul anyone off to the hospital." My dad said he had a lot of fun. There is only one lil dent by the bumper on the driver side from when he was spun out. So the car is still in pretty good shape coming from CC Speedway. We will be back at THR next weekend so see you there. :)


( O ya, as they were announcing all the cars and sponsors before the heat race. They said " #77 the mystery driver in the pretty car" I guess they didnt get the paperwork up to the announcer in time. They finally got it right for the feature. I just thought it was funny.)



- Nicole

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This is Buck and thanks for all the compliments. I had a good time at CC Speedway and the people there went out of their way to welcome me. I spoke to Daryl who won the race and he gave me a bunch helpful hints and even offered me his set of back up tires. Other drivers were also helpful.


The Super Street Class had one of those nights we also have had at Thunderhill. I applaud them for stepping up to the plate and black flagging the guys who were getting a little impatient. Nothing against the locals because we have all been there, and I know I have at times, that is just part of racing. You take the good with the bad.


My daughter had said #26 at first, but it was really #29 who wrecked me twice in the heat race and would have in the feature if I wouldn’t have wised up and stayed in the back.


I think my biggest accomplishment was being able to stay somewhat competitive with the tires I had. All the racers I talked with said the car wouldn’t turn or I would go straight into the wall. I took it easy during practice until I got use to the track and knew what the car would do with what I had. I tried to stay out of trouble and passed a few people. Otherwise, it was kind of like our track and if you kept it clean you would eventually end up toward the front.


It was fun to race there and this was the first track I raced at other than Thunderhill. I like the experience and I would go back.

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Great run

When we went down to CC they all made us feel more than welcome also.

They kept calling me Nick,because I brushed the wall off turn 4 several times.

It's good to hear you didn't get much damage and 4th place is a great showing

of your skills.

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