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Greg out-duels Chris in TMS Qualifying

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For Immediate Release – June 9, 2006

Contact: Nick Holt, USRA Media Director

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Dad Out-Duels Son in USRA Konica Minolta 100 Pole Showdown


By J M Hallas


Fort Worth, TX (June 9, 2006) - After running second to his son in practice, veteran United States Racing Association Super Late Model driver Greg Davidson may have earned some extra respect from his son, Chris Davidson during qualifying for Saturday’s Konica Minolta 100 at Texas Motor Speedway Friday afternoon.


Of the 22 qualifiers, the senior Davidson toured the 1.5-mile super speedway in 34.910 seconds, clocking in a speed of 154.683 while driving the Davidson Electric, Westside Performance, Grand American Race Car by Frankie Grill while the younger Davidson turned in a 34.976-second lap – just 0.06 second behind his father.


“It was a good lap, and I held it out and drove it in deep,” said Greg Davidson, the ROMCO 2003 Super Late Model winner at TMS. I found out that if I can arc it in later, I’m able to pick up more speed. I’m not going to make any changes for the race. We’ve spent hours in the shop to get the car right and it shows up on the racetrack. As for Chris, I know he’ll be beating on my back bumper.”


The younger Davidson, although falling just short of dad’s qualifying time, was optimistic about his chances in the race. “It happens,” the younger Davidson said. “We’re so close that it won’t make much difference in the race.”


Current USRA Super Late Model points leader Casey Smith clocked in with the third fastest speed in his first attempt at qualifying at Texas Motor Speedway. “We found a few miles per hour and we may find a few more in changing the gears,” Smith said. “If we free it up a little, we should be all right for the race. As long as I can latch on to them (the Davidsons), I should be able to run with them. Third’s not so bad with no speedway experience.”


The USRA Super Late Model series also welcomed two up-and-coming female drivers - Leilani Munter and Kristin Bumbera - to the Konica Minolta 100 field.


Munter is driving the car for the USRA race title sponsor, Konica Minolta.


“The car feels pretty good,” commented Munter. “I’m so excited to be here. Thad Felton fixed up the car for me and it’s awesome. We had some problems with the brakes during practice but got that fixed. The Davidsons have a lot of power and will be tough to beat, but I’ll do my best to run them down.”


Munter, who is also competing in the ASA Late Model Series this year, added, “My team is great and they really know what they’re doing. The car is doing well and we don’t plan on changing anything. We won’t be satisfied with anything less than a top five finish.”


Coming out of the Houston Motor Speedway Late Model ranks, the young Bumbera qualified 18th in the field. “I want to go faster,” said Bumbera. “I’m as comfortable in the car as I can get. The advanced Team Texas driving course gave me some good experience. I feel the car will be good in the race and I’ll be able to drive it anywhere. I’ve already talked to Leilani and she gave me some friendly tips. Get ready for the girls!”


The green flag is scheduled to drop for the USRA Konica Minolta 100 at 5:45 p.m. Saturday prior to the IRL Bombardier Learjet 500K race at Fort Worth, Texas, speed plant.


USRA Konica Minolta 100 Qualifying Results


Pos. No. Name Time Speed

1. 96 Greg Davidson 34.910 154.683

2. 41 Chris Davidson 34.976 154.392

3. 99 Casey Smith 35.698 151.269

4. 19 Kent Baltzell 36.359 148.519

5. 57 Leilani Munter 36.454 148.132

6. 13 T. Wade Welch 36.526 147.840

7. 29 Thad Felton 36.787 146.791

8. 79 Joe Aramendia 37.325 144.675

9. 7 Tuffy Hudson 37.374 144.485

10. 03 Matt Merrell 38.067 141.781

11. 71 Donny Kelley 38.214 141.309

12. 39 Hal Martin 38.792 139.204

13. 85 Thomas Tillison 38.822 139.096

14. 67 Kirby Caldwell 39.080 138.176

15. 36 Johnathan Beason 39.185 137.808

16. 70 Shawn Hunt 39.462 136.841

17. 88 Chad Wheeler 40.097 134.673

18. 00 Kristin Bumbera 40.288 134.035

19. 47 Ed Mann 40.307 133.972

20. 02 Matt Smith 40.368 133.769

21. 54 Todd McLemore 40.369 133.766

22. 16 Danny Pike 42.891 125.901

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