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SAR results, 5/27/06


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San Antonio Raceway results, 5/27/06



Winner: David Bills from Marion, TX

DI: 4.93; RT: .0042; ET: 4.9332; MPH: 139.93

Runner Up: Scott Ball from San Antonio, TX

DI: 4.89; RT: .0140; ET: 4.8927; MPH: 141.78

Semi: Ed Schneider from Cedar Park, TX



Winner: Phil Rossi from Buda, TX

DI: 6.46; RT: .0387; ET: 6.4627; MPH: 105.39

Runner Up: Luis Jimenez from San Antonio, TX

DI: 8.09; RT: .0371; ET: 8.0642; MPH: 83.66

Semi: Charlie Goff from Cedar Creek, TX



Winner: Brenna Lande from Richmond, TX

DI: 7.99; RT: .0604; ET: 8.0150; MPH: 81.98

Runner Up: Daniel Davila from San Antonio, TX

DI: 8.92; broke at line

Semi: Jenna and Julie Pyle from Spring Branch, TX

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