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Updated expected drivers for Blizzard on 5-26


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5-26-06 Blizzard #2


Should be here:


1.Steven Davis

2.Grant Enfinger

3.Josh Hamner

4.Ryan Crane

5.Eddie Craig

6.Matt Merrell(Texas)

7.Casey Smith(Texas)

8.Doug Thorpe

9.Jason Young(Texas)

10.Joey Senter

11..Charlie Bradberry

12.Dave Mader 111

13.Shaun McWhirter

14.Chris Davidson(texas)

15.Roger Reuse

16.Donnie Wilson

17.David Hole

18.Donald Long

19.Scott Carlson

20.Jeff Scofield

21.Mike Fritts

22.Ron McDonald

23.Tom Grotheus (Texas)

24.Rocky Boyd

25.Jeremy Pate

26.Jr. Niedecken

27.Allen Gordon

28.Wes Loyd

29.Augie Grill

30.Greg Davidson(Texas)

31.James Beuscher(Texas)

32.Jeff Gordon(Georgia)

33.Stanley Smith

34.Tim Martin



35.Dewayne Buggay




36.Chuck Arnold

37.Dale Little

38.Tuffy Hudson(Texas)

39.Eddie Massengil

40.Nathan Davis

41.Chris Fontaine

42.Keith Cahela

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What about Eddie Mercer? It was weird that it was the same carb that he won the Snowball Derby with. I think his run was so dominant last year, there was a big disparity from his car to all the other usual top guys. If it was teched with the same tools, would the result have been the same? Steve Wallace would have had 2 in a row, maybe he was illegal also, maybe 5 out of the top 10 were illegal. :D Did they have different tech tools this time around or are they the same ones? I know it's not so much about HORSEPOWER at Five Flags, but who wouldn't want more? He qualified with a 17.061, the guys 2-6 had 17.2's. He didn't make the Nashville race in 2004 and in 2005 made it through a last chance race. At the CRA first race of the year at Nashville, he killed these guys, wonder if it was the same carb in question. I know he has a GARC car now, but which one of these has made the biggest difference. I think he should come back with a legal carb and prove everyone wrong. I think not wanting to race and support your local track, because of what happened last time is "chicken sh...!". I think the way they are teching the cars and enforcing the rules is great. There are a lot of guys racing out there with less and are legal and still kick butt, even though they don't have a chance to win, it will payoff some day with all the effort that goes into it, but when someone wins by cheating, it will be a lot harder for them to accomplish their goal. Just like in other sports, from high school to the professionals. A lot of guys made it "great" by using sports enhancing drugs, while the other guy who tried the right way, never got his chance. I'm glad they are starting to take action in all these fields, including racing. I'm not saying Eddie Mercer or others that have been caught cheating are in this class, but not wanting to go back and prove them wrong might have people wondering. JMO

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In defense of Eddie Mercer, I really don't think that he won because of the carb. Like you said, horsepower isn't important at Five Flags. He had a very minor infraction, but at Five Flags the tech is very to the point. Either you are legal or you aren't. From my conversation with drivers around the country, most of them like the fact that when they come to Five Flags, they know that every effort is made to make it a fair playing field for all. Also, since I don't have anything to do with tech, I do not know if another tool was used or not.

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