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ESPN Baseball Challenge


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Someone from our stock car challenge created a baseball challenge group. If you want to give it a shot, you register the same way as you did for the Stock Car Challenge (click here for more) and instead of searching for "Austin Fans", search for "Astro Fans". You can use your same log in name as you did for Stock Car Challenge, or create a new one.


Any baseball fans out there?  I have just started a group called "Astro Fans".  It is currently in week four but everyone is currently at -0- so feel free to jump in!!  




1) Click the link in the quote

2) log in, or register

3) create an entry

4) click "create/join a group"

5) search for "Astro Fans"

6) click the name of the group when it appears


As is with SCC, this is free as well. We're on week 4, but we all just started, so everyone will be at a 0 this week.

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