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STS Results


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All I know on the races tonight was on the Thunders

Neon Will

GB "thumper" Carter

Rick "who knows what the f@#$ he is now" Russell

and I believe

Pete "The Chicken Man" Arce


Didn't get to watch the modifieds...anybody take the extra $200???

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I think its time to put a bounty on that #14 car.I have $1.84 to put in.Its a sad nite when you change up your car and it works perfect and someone comes up and passes you with ease.Guess it wasnt so perfect afterall.Congrats to Will on another great win.Looks like the Neon is the car of choice now.Thats what is good about Thunders,we are all learning about different cars.Im glad 12 did not hurt his engine,that race we had in the heat was really exciting and I look foreward to more like that.Be sure to cut your oil filter open and check for metal.Sorry about the bump,misjudged the entrance.Congrats to Bobby for taking the bounty in modified.I dont think the CC guys were banking on that.I did not get to see the race because we were staged to be next but when I saw the dust it was no surprise.Them Hoovers love that kind of track and so does Bobby.I also love that limited,a black 77 just looks good to me.Hard nite of racing,tough on many.Lick the wounds an go again

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