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Heavy Duty

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As crew chief of the #1 Roadrunner, I wanted to publicly thank all those who helped us get back on the track Saturday night. We blew an engine during the last practice, but through the help of other racers and my own great team, we managed to have another engine in for the second main event. I want to especially thank the Frautschi, Lipp, and Casey teams, as well as anyone else who may have helped. (I was a little busy myself, and may have missed someone.)


The greatest show of sportsmanship is that we are currently the division points leader, and it was the #2 and #3 teams that were there to help us. Way to go guys, we owe you one.


A special thanks to Dalbert on the wrecker for the engine lift as well.



It's great to race with good people.

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I have a few more thank yous to add: Ken Jones for allowing us to borrow his back up motor, and Daniel Pierce for letting us use his car for the first race to get some laps in. I also need to recognize my crew: John Eichelberger, Luke Eichelberger, and Ben Barlow. They got the motors switched out and running in under 4 hours. Great job guys. I also need to thank my wife Audrey for rushing some spare parts out to us also. I truly appreciate all that was done for us this weekend.


Thank you,


J.R. Eichelberger


#1 Roadrunner

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