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SAR results, 4/22/06


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Winner: Ed Schneider from Cedar Park, TX

DI: 7.52; RT: .0067; ET: 7.5131; MPH: 177.51

Runner Up: Philip Pennington from San Antonio, TX

DI: 7.91; RT: -.0208; ET: 7.9162; MPH: 167.47

Semi: Bob Gregory from Corpus Christi, TX and

Brent Ritter from Cibolo, TX



Winner: Bob Gregory from Corpus Christi, TX

DI: 7.88; RT: .0316; ET: 8.0475; MPH: 156.52

Runner Up: Tony Zepeda from San Antonio, TX

DI: 8.02; car broke at line

Semi: Paul Schneider from San Antonio, TX



Winner: C.T.Cook from Gonzales, TX (first time winner!)

DI: 10.33; RT: .0237; ET: 10.3775; MPH: 127.41

Runner Up: Phil Rossi from Buda, TX

DI: 10.13; RT: .0228; ET: 10.1297; MPH: 129.16

Semi: Wayne Keller from San Antonio, TX


Junior Dragster

Winner: Dustin Ryan from San Antonio, TX

DI: 8.62; RT: .0134; ET: 8.6296; MPH: 72.85

Runner Up: Michael Zampese from Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

DI: 7.94; RT: .0288; ET: 7.9041; MPH: 79.77

Semi: Dylan Lee from Austin, TX

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