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Ryan Lawler?


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This kid had a "helluv'a finish" against these veterans. Maybe his dad can give him the SAS set up that he had when he won here at Oktoberfast and he can use it for the "Big Super Late Model" event coming at the end of the season.



Hickory Motor Speedway

1 24 Mike Rowe Turner, ME

2 55 Chuck Barnes Louisville, KY

3 2 Clay Rogers Concord, NC

4 84 Scott Mulkern Falmouth, ME

5 31 Ryan Lawler Colleyville, TX

6 72 Ted Musgrave Jr. Mooresville, NC

7 15 Clay Jones Goldsboro, NC

8 09 Dean Clattenburg Kannapolis, NC

9 96 Wade Day Bristol, TN

10 43 Dennis Shoenfeld Concord, NC

11 59 Greg Boone Louisville, KY

12 5p Preston Peltier Concord, NC

13 1 Chris Dunn Raleigh, NC

14 44 Ricky Marshall Mooresville, NC

15 5s J.R. Norris Huntersville, NC

16 27 Tab Boyd China Grove, NC

17 17 Travi Benjamin Morrill, ME

18 74 Jay Middleton Lake City, FL

19 29 Allen Gordon Leesburg, GA

20 8 Freddie Query Mooresville, NC

21 92 Jason Hogan Cleveland, GA

22 02 Tim Nooner Salisbury, NC

23 6 Kevin Love Midland, NC

24 47 Corey Williams Boothbay, ME

25 88 Travis Kittleson Merritt Island, FL

26 8c Cassius Clark Farmington, ME

27 05 Alex Fleming Raleigh, NC

28 98 Larry Pollard Taylorsville, NC

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Casey and Brad told me that when they were in North Carolinia over at Hamke's that Ryan is running out of Robert 's - moved up there and Robert is maintaining his cars and handling him at all the PASS races. He bought Richie's car from last year. Call Robert

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