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Full field resultsfrom Five Flags Friday night


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Super Late Models

Rex Brooks Memorial 100


1. Charlie Bradberry

2. Joey Senter

3. Steven Davis

4. Ricky Turner

5. Dave Mader III

6. Jeremy Pate

7. Shaun McWhirter

8. Tuffy Hudson

9. Junior Niedecken

10. Chris Davidson

11. Roger Reuse

12. Donnie Wilson

13. Brandon Bendele

14. Casey Smith

15. David Hole

16. Bobby East

17. Donald Long

18. Jason Young

19. T.Wade Welch

20. Chris Hornsby

21. Stanley Smith

22. Fain Skinner

23. Josh Hamner

24. Augie Grill

25. Grant Enfinger

26. Doug Thorpe

27. Ron McDonald

28. Eddie Craig Sr.

29. Ryan Crane

30. Dwayne Buggay

31. Allen Karnes

32. Thad Felton

33. Nathan Davis

Eddie Mercer DQ

Scott Carlson DQ

Jeff Scofield DQ


Bubba Pollard and Matt Merrell did not start.


Casey Smith should have had a top 3, but pitted late, and ran into some problems. Tuffy Hudson had a solid 8th for his first trip to Five Flags!

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Told you so, what? That Casey was running top three against one of the toughest fields in the country, and a pit error dropped him back to 14th? I think Dale once finished dead last in a Cup race; piss poor driver, huh? By the way, how good are you?

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Casey Smith had a great run going at Five Flags. He was running in the top 4 during the first 75 laps of the 100 lap race. Those that pitted with 40 laps to go did well in the race (Tuffy pitted at the right time and drove a great race). Those that pitted with 25 laps to go didn't have enough time to get to the front (C. Davidson, Bendele, Smith, Young). Casey mentioned that his new RR tire grew 1" more that he expected, and that hurt his handling those last few laps.


Usually, pitting for 4 tires with 25 to 30 laps to go is the best strategy for Five Flags (very abrasive on tires, like Darlington). At the Blizzard, only 2 tires were allowed during the tire change pit stop.

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Well apparently you didn't bite hard enough! What do you mean I told you so!? He finished right there with Brandon and Chris! Eddie Mercer got DQ'd Thad finished 32nd. Why bad mouth Casey? He had a screw up on pit big deal just like tqj3 said Dale Sr. is he a sorry driver too I have seen more then enough "top drivers" have their bad days! You have said before that you don't know Casey and you don't talk about people you don't know, why continue on it?

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If you aren't going to use but one race, how about the first USRA late model race of 2006? And note who is leading in points. If Casey's so bad, what do you think of the others?


For the record, I've known Casey since he was six. I've never heard him brag, and I've never heard him badmouth another driver. In fact, a number of sports reporters have noted that you can't even get him to name his favorite driver or tell you which drivers he considers his toughest competition.

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Right TQ - The other night I asked Casey what he thought about Brandon and he told me that he had always been nice to him and that he was a good driver. I did not start anything - It was Brandon's crew that started the whole bashing all I did was ask a simple question as in who was suppose to be the "tough" competition in the ASALM division because I personally thought the Texas guys stood way above the others.

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TQ-I never said he was a bad driver, nor do I imagine he is not a good guy. I was simply sticking up for my friend, who I have known since I was 9, after racechick and doubletrouble put him down and said he only ran well at his home track. The only reason I fired back was because I heard a lot of hype about Casey Smith and every race I saw (which was only a limited few) he either ran bad or had bad luck. Either way, the hype was not lived up to. Racechick made it known that he was her favorite driver, so I let my opinion and observations be known. Again, I didn't want to put anyone down, but I was defending my driver, as you are. In reference to the first USRA SLM race of this year, it is a mute point, Brandon didn't even race in it. I don't want to get into an argument over who is the better driver, let's just agree to disagree on that point. Like I said, I have no problem with the guy, I've never even met him.


Racechick, please stop backtracking and trying to say you didn't try to start anything. This would suggest otherwise:


"I am sure this ASALM race is a BIG deal to you because your driver was competitve at his HOME track that he has turned how many laps around?

See my driver is use to racing against veterans - Not 14, 15 and 16 year old kids. Veterans like Mike Eddy, Mike Garvey Butch Miller, Reed Sorenson, Robbie Pyle, Kevin Cywinski, St Amandt, Freddie Query, Eddy Mercer, Scott Carlson - he drives up to tracks that he has never even seen before, and runs in the top-five."


Your little "I'm just an innocent bystander, I didn't start anything" game is getting old.

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Oh yea, I forgot this one, since you seem to think it was Brandon's crew who started the feud. This was your question:


"Another question

How did your driver do in Nashville last year, I don't remember seeing him on the "Main" order of finish?"


Nowhere before that did anyone say anything about Casey, or about any other driver.

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Your right Casey's name was never mentioned, since Brandon was not there as you have pointed out on many post, any of the great Texas drivers that were in the USRA field in SA could have been the weakest link - Chris Davidson, Greg Davidson, Kelly, Grimes shall I name all 17 drivers that did run this race? Sorry I thought you were saying since Casey won and Brandon wasn't there the field was weak and you were referring to Casey's win but now I see you could be talking about any of these drivers.

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eighttwentyone & racechick,


You both have made excellent points and understand that you both were simply defending your favorite drivers. I really think most on here will agree that they both are very fine drivers.


Let peace prevail please.


Nick Holt

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We need to just get some more SLM racing at SAS since they don't have too many dates. Will like to see the young guns put on a great show for the fans. Casey has his car going now, JC has been tearing it up lately at SAS. Brandon always kicks butt, Chris is always strong, and Colt is a threat. Greg Davidson if luck goes his way, can easily win. Maybe Donnie Wilson can make a few shows. All the rest are getting stronger, if they get more laps at SAS, any of the others can easily start battling these front runners. I'm not sure what it is, maybe equipment, money or whatever, but just a few years back John Kelly was the one to beat, along with Tommy Grimes and T Wade Welch to name a few. I know these front runners can't be that much better than them, talking about more than 1/2 a lap ahead or even getting lapped. I know if everyone had the same equipment, that would make the racing more exciting. I've just noticed this trend for the past 2 or 3 years. In what way did the rules change from the past that caused this. I know there will be times when 1 or 2 cars show up and will tear up the field, but it's like that every show now. If you put the dominating car to the back of the field with less than 15 laps to go, I bet he will still win and that will make it look so exciting, watching that racer get by those drivers. Heck give them $500 if they do it, these guys usually handle themselves pretty good out there, so I it will be clean racing. Don't compare it to the ASALM race, because there was too many cars out there and a lot of them don't know the track and they were easily getting into each other and loose.

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Nick, if you ask me what eighttwentyone and I have done is create some excitement in the Texas Racing scene at least people are excited about reading us argue you would think that would pump the fans to hardly wait until the next SLM USRA event to come see these racers race

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Instead of arguing back and forth why dont yall both congratulate one another. This was one of the toughest fields in the country and to run so good should demonstrate how good the racing really is in Texas. Case in point, last year I ran in the top ten in the mods. I went to Florida and did the same with more cars. Garrett and Mason did the same. Theres nothing worse than my driver's better than yours arguements cause no one wins.

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