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End of the Year Special Events


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Here's a list of some of the "end of the year special events".



24 ASALM North vs. South Shootout 200 laps I-70 Speedway

30 NASCAR Autozone West Series 200 laps THR



6,7 Oktoberfast -------- SAS

07 AASLM World Classic 200 Birmingham International Speedway, AL

15 USAC Midgets ------- THR

15 CRA SLM Winchester 400 Winchester Speedway, IN

21 ASALM South 100 laps ----- SAS

21 Space City '150' ------- HMS

27,28 Stock Car Spectacular ---- THR



04 ASALM North vs. South Shootout 200 Music City Motorplex, Nashville

05 CRA SLM - AASLM All American 300 Music City, Nashville

11 PASS South SLM 300 Hickory Motor Speedway, NC

19 SLM Alabama 250 Montgomery Motor Speedway, AL TRACK CLOSED



2 Snowflake ----- FFS

3 Snowball Derby ---- FFS

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Has anyone ever been to Winchester Speedway? I was looking at the track info and it says it has high banking. It's as long as SAS, but I think a little wider. The CRA SLM track record is a 15.286 at 117.755 MPH. Now that's flying! can you imagine a SLM race at SAS with the cars 3 seconds faster. Here's a link: http://www.craracing.net/standings/records...ackrecords.html

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If you ever make it to Winchester, you will see banking that makes SAS look flat. I stood down at the bottom of turn 3 and 4, looks like a vertical wall of asphalt.

It is about 33 to 38 degrees in the corner, depending on who you ask and where you measure it.


And while that CRA record is fast, in the OLD ASA days, when they were super late models, Mark Martin toured that place at a 14.50.

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