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USRA Announces Addition to Modified Rules

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For Immediate Release – April 10, 2006

Contact: Nick Holt, USRA Media Director

(210) 690-8564 (office)

(210) 415-1251 (cell)




USRA Announces Addition for the Modified Series


San Antonio, TX (April 10, 2006) - The United States Racing Association (USRA) has announced a change to the 2006 USRA Modified rules.


Effective immediately, USRA is adding an option for the open engine that was permitted in the 2004 and 2005 Modified rules. Cars not conforming to the current 2006 restricted engine rules will now be able to compete with their open engines with the following conditions.


Since there is no suitable treaded tire available (as there was under the 2004-2005 rules), one of the following two conditions must be followed if an open engine is utilized.


Option 1: Minimum weight will be 2750 pounds with no more than 58% left side weight maximum. USRA reserves the right to alter the weight and weight percentage as needed to equalize competition.


Option 2: Minimum weight will be 2650 pounds with no more than 56% left side weight maximum. USRA reserves the right to alter the weight and weight percentage as needed to equalize competition


Also, after addressing safety concerns with the tracks on the 2006 USRA schedule, either gas or alcohol engines will be permitted for the remainder of the 2006 season.


“With my 10 years experience of owning and operating the Florida-based Southern Automobile Racing Association (SARA) - which included an asphalt modified series - I went to a restricted motor rule in the 2002 season for modifieds, but I still allowed the big motors to compete with a 200 pound weight penalty,” USRA Vice President of Race Operations and San Antonio Speedway General Manager Rick Day said in announcing the rule addition. “By going to the weight rule, it turned the SARA modified series around and increased the car counts and competition until I sold the series in 2004. In fact, they still successfully run that weight rule for the open engines.”


“We feel this will allow current cars sitting on jack stands to come back to race with us,” Day continued. “It should increase our car counts and bring the level of competition back to the level our fans and competitors have come to expect from the Modifieds. Around the country the modifieds are becoming more and more popular. I’d like to see USRA play a bigger role in the growth of the modifieds in Central and South Texas. Hopefully, this addition will be a step in the right direction.”


For more information on the United States Racing Association, please visit the USRA website at http://www.usraspeed.com. For more information on San Antonio Speedway, please visit the SAS website at http://www.sanantoniospeedway.com. For all series technical issues and race operations, please contact USRA VP of Racing Operations and SAS General Manager Rick Day at (210) 827-4524 or by email rick@sanantoniospeedway.com.



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