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USRA Tires (lates, mods, trucks)


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I'm not talking money.

I'm not talking about how loyal you are to American Racer, Hoosier, Goodyear or whoever.


Just wondering what you notice different from last year to this years tires while on the track.


I've heard a lot of good things from people who would never give AR's a chance and a handful of bad things as well.


Looking for truck & mod drivers with the brand change, and late model drivers with the sidewall change.




What differences do you, as a driver, feel in the tires from last year to this year?


What is the best thing?


What is the worst thing?


Please identify which class you race in.... names are not important.

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JMO - Good call on USRA's part to throw out the all involved rule w/ the modifieds and ease up a little on the tire restrictions for all of the classes @ SAS & USRA. <cheer> What condition are the tires in after a feature? There hasn't been a whole lot of talk about it and was curious. I was also curious if anyone had some takeoffs they wanted to get rid of. PM me anytime, looking to start setting the truck up for the May 6th race & dont have any tires to mount. Thanks.



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Lonesome Ford-

Doesn't sound like they actually did away with all involved, they just defined how it will work: make the call if you can, if not, everybody involved goes to the back. Which, of course, is how all involved is supposed to work in the first place.

But if they had said they were modifying the all involved rule, the screaming would continue. Easier to say it's gone.

Both this change and the others announced today were the right moves.

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