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Samsung / Radioshack 500 - Sunday

Stacy T

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I need some information about renting a scanner at Texas Motor Speedway for Sunday's race. I have not done this before and was wondering if someone could give me the low down - how much does it cost? do you need to call and reserve one? do you just walk up to the trailer and rent it? is it easy to use? do they give you a list of the channels so you can pick which driver or do you request a specific driver and that's what you have for the entire race.


Thanks for your help!


Stacy Millard - see you at THR 4/15/06!

TSRS :rolleyes:

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I finally bought my own so it has been a while. They do have around 5 trailers there that rent and sell scanners and head sets. With the scanner purchase they give you a channel sheet, and you can go back every day to get updates for free. Those things are easy to use. They have like 50 or 100 channels so that you can program all your drivers. Don't remember how much the rental cost. Guessing that it was like 25 or 30 bucks back when TMS first opened, not sure now. Have fun, I will be there in November!!

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I would suggest using a Racing Radio's TrackSCAN. You may have to grab one Saturday and just pay the weekend fee. In all honesty, if your going to be going to more than one race, buy a scanner and pay for the frequencies at the track. Real simple. You goto the racing radios trailer, tell 'em you want to rent a scanner and they give you a scanner and headset, and anything else you need to rent in a clear bag. Pre programmed and all. Whatever you rent, get behind the head headsets. SOOO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE. Worth the cost!


Racing Electronics also rent scanners, and they have a few different systems that allow you to use a two way headset to talk to the people next you, in addition to listening to the scanner.

Stacy, with enough notice I could have let you borrow the one we bought a few years ago with 2 headphones, splitters. Frequencie lists are CHEAP on race day!



Where abouts are you. If your in Houston I'd be happy to meet up with you to pass it on to you.



http://www.track-scan.com/rental.php *i reccomend*


40 for a weekend

35 for the day

15 per additiona headset





Just as good just pricer



I'll PM you with my address if your interested in borrowing ours.

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The process is pretty simple. Just walk up to the scanner trailers outside the front gate and ask for one. They will show you how to use it and give you a sheet with all of the drivers channel. Most of the time the car # is the channel #. I haven't rented one in a while so I am not sure of the price, but is seems like about $35 or so. Also they like to take a credit card for a deposit. They don't run the card unless you forget to return the scanner.


Hope this help

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