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Knudtson Wins Sportsman Feature with

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Release: April 3, 2006


Boerne's Knudtson Wins NASCAR Sportsman Feature at San Antonio Speedway with Last Lap, Last Turn Pass in SunSational Camaro


San Antonio – It took Boerne's Eric Knudtson three races to get his first win in 2005 and it took him just that long to get the SunSational Pools and Spas Chevrolet Camaro back in victory lane this year as he got his first NASCAR Sportsman series win of 2006 with a "SunSational" pass of Mark Mathias on the last turn of the last lap after polesitter Mathias had led all 24 previous laps last Friday night.


"We've all been working to get a handle on the new tires the series requires this year," Knudtson said after the race. "Most of us are loose, and Mark was loose and seemed to be getting looser. He did a great job, fighting the handling for the entire race, but the only question was whether or not he'd make a mistake before we ran out of laps.


"He bobbled just a little coming off of turn four on that last lap, and I was finally able to turn inside and get by him. Mark's a good driver, and he'd done a great job up to that point. Maybe he got on the gas just a little harder coming off of four on that last lap, trying to hold on to the lead. It wasn't much of a bobble, either, as he still beat Keith Garrett to the line for second place."


The win, particularly given the absence of Greg Rohmer and Allen Alexander, winners of the first two races, moved Knudtson into a solid lead in the points standings after three races. He now has 160 points with Mathias in second at 142 and Garrett and Clint Montanio tied for third another four points back. Rohmer and Alexander fell all the way to seventh and eighth.


"In a way, I feel bad for Mark," Knudtson said, "but I've lost races that way, too. It's not over, it's going to be a long season, and we're going to have fun."



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Eric has said it many times. With fellow racers like Mathais, Rohmer, Alexander, Garrett, Mason and all the others; this year will not be a cake walk. With Mathais and Alexander joining in on the Sportsman series, it brings in two guys who are used to winning. I don't expect anything less from either one of these guys or their teams. Same goes for Garrett, Rohmer and Mason...


I'm looking forward to all the racin' this year and wish everyone the best...

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Not to be redundant... But this shows PR works!


Look at this article by T.Q. Jones in the Boerne Star:

Boerne Star


Thanks T.Q. for all your help and what you do for the Racing Community in Texas...


(on edit): A special thanks to Marc Roy for always getting Great Pictures of the Races...

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