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Question about NASCAR License

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On the NASCAR license app there is 2 series listed... Which one do I need to get to run in sportsman class


The ones listed are Premier series/division and Charger series/division...


Second question is there is options for both owner and driver... what if your both do you need to get both or just the driver one...


Third question is regarding the pit crew license... Does every member of pit crew require the crew license or just the crew cheif or is that license optional...


I hope to get it off in the mail next week and I want to make sure I get the right one, and if anyone else in my crew needs one that I get theirs done as well...

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Guest bigfat

The Charger will cover Sportsman, Road Runner and Grand stock. The Premier will cover All classes.


Just the driver.


License optional. For now.


I'm pretty sure you can get it at the track. If I'm not mistaken pertains to all of the above.



You can call Rick Day @ 210/827/4524 to confirm.

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