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SAS LM Twin 50's - Top 5


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1st Twin 50


1. (17) Robert Barker

2. (79) Joe Aramendia

3. (3) Mike Reininger

4. (50) Brian Moczygemba

5. (43) Jamie Fuller


Barker was running third well behind Justin Oates and Joe Aramendia late in the race when Oates and Aramendia made contact coming off turn 2 and spun. Both went to the back of the pack and Barker led the last 8 laps. But it sure was fun watching Aramendia work his way back to the front to finish 2nd.


2nd Twin 50


1. (79) Joe Aramendia

2. (0) Justin Oates

3. (97) Danny Garcia

4. (50) Brian Moczygemba

5. (3) Mike Reininger


Aramendia led wire to wire in this one. Barker broke a panhard bar early. Oates almost got by on the next to last lap after a restart, giving Aramendia a good tap on the rear bumper going into the first turn. Joe got a little sideways but was able to hold of Oates for the win.


Greg Rhomer won the Sportsman race flag to flag. Allen Alexander broke something in the right front in turn 1-2 and smacked the wall hard. A few laps later the 20 car and Tator Mason got tangled up and both ended up against the wall with major damage. All drivers were OK but their cars were finished.


Not sure who won the Road Runner and Grand Stock races, but Mark Chrudimsky lapped the field in the Enduro which was shortened due to the short car count.


Hope I didn't make too many mistakes in this mini report.


Complete results will be posted when received from scoring.


Nick Holt

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