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God how beautiful… to be winter free


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God how beautiful… to be winter free

The sky was blue the Hills were green

New Paint new cars what a Beautiful scene


Red clay and dust….. the smell of fuel in the air

How could you want to be anywhere

But Cherokee


The rust and dust of winter gone

Lets all load up the race is on

At Cherokee


Sunshine shirt sleeves….. T-shirts and tops

The cars are here………..where winter stops

At Cherokee


New cars……….fresh pain………Duvall the Saint

And Rambo and others, with clean fresh paint


They fired them up and off they went

Every race a Special Event

At Cherokee


If you didn’t show up…. you just missed out.

The day was GREAT…. there was no DOUBT

Don’t set at home with the kids and pout

Load them up ……………and come on out

To Cherokee.


Leave winter behind lets have some fun

Come on out and watch them run

The cars are fast the cars are clean

How Beautiful God made that whole scene

At Cherokee


We have several Photos of the SAS race Some by Big Mac some by Larrie Ervin

Click on the state of SC then on the Racin Photos Button.




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