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Information Concerning Minors In the SAS Pits


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It's almost race time at San Antonio Speedway, and we recently announced our new policy concerning minors in the pit area. We want to make sure everyone gets the word about the requirements on the Minor Release Form. Here is the information again, just in case you missed it in the Announcement section.


With the new pit policy change, several of you have been asking about the Minor Release Form. Although children of any age will be allowed in the San Antonio Speedway pit area, both parents (or guardians) of children ages 17 and under will need to complete a Minor Release Form. This form will not need to be notarized as long as both parents accompany the child at the pit gate and sign the form in the presence of a San Antonio Speedway or USRA staff representative.


If both parents (or guardians) are unable to accompany the minor on race day, a form may be downloaded from the SAS website and signed in the presence of a Notary Public prior to race day. These forms are available on the SAS, under the Driver's Area tab SAS Driver's Area.


Authorized forms will be maintained by the San Antonio Speedway office for future races during the 2006 season. Please call Rick Day at 210-827-4524 if you still have questions or need additional information about the new policies for minors in the pits.


If you're unable to access the form on line, please call the SAS office (210-628-1499) or Rick Day to get a copy faxed or mailed to you.


Again, we emphasize that children must be closely watched in the pit area. Their safety is very important to us, and parents will need to ensure that children are kept nearby and constantly supervised throughout the entire racing program.

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