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NASCAR.com article:


Say Anything


Dale Earnhardt Jr.: "Yeaaaahhh! I'm the lucky dog! I saw Martin [Truex Jr.] coming in behind me and I thought I was going to have to race for it."


Tony Eury Jr.: "Uhh, Junebug, you're not even close to being a lap down."


Dale Jr.: "What's going on, am I a lap down?"


Tony Jr.: "No, we're on the lead lap. We're 17th, and there are 26 cars on the lead lap."


Dale Jr.: "Oh, I saw that 1 next to my number on the board, and I got nervous because it said there I'm a lap down."


Tony Jr.: "Yeah, that's because nobody is clicking off their deals when they come around. The leaders were so far ahead from the field, I guess it got a little confusing."


-- Radio chatter between the driver and crew chief as the second caution flag flew at Lap 88

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