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Thank you to Cindy


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For those that didn't make it out to the FASCAR Daytona Party, here is a quick run down of the day’s events!




The Mary Balzer Memorial Driver of the Year - Mona Turner

The Joanne Peters Memorial Spirit of Racing - Jean Nesser

The FASCAR Fan Favorite Driver - Robert Barker

The FASCAR Team of the Year - Michael Lampton's Crew


FASCAR gave out over $4,000 this year though the weekly bonus awards & the FASCAR point fund (awarded to drivers that attended 3 FASCAR events).


Point fund checks ranged from $200.00 to over $500.00. One driver received over $1000.00 in total award money.


Most of the money was raised though collection of ink cartridges. SO keep collecting!


The next FASCAR meeting will be in April 18th @ Shoney's on IH 35.


This meeting will determine the future of the FASCAR, so if you are interested in the continuation of this club, please feel free to join us.



Thanks to the following people who donated to the cost of the event:


Ralph & Charlotte Newton

Bob & Lucille Hagar

Wesley & Mona Turner

Affordable Trailers & Ultimate Truck Accessories

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I have to join in and thank everyone involved for putting the party together as well. I am new to this site and I was glad I registered when I did, otherwise I would not have known of the gathering yesterday. It was our first time to attend anything involving other Nascar fans in San Antonio since we went to Bristol, TN for a race a few years back and let me tell you... it was nice to be somewhere else other than the couch at home listening to eachothers dumb comments! ha :P (He's a Labonte fan and I'm a DJ fan, so you can just imagine how we get, lol) ;)


My family and I enjoy the SAS track every season and the I-37 track for the past two years. I wish all the drivers and crew's the best of luck and a safe season of racing.


Thanks again for a great time at Firehouse! ...and thank you for letting my son sit in the race car for pictures! He is still talking about it. I didn't get the couples name, but thank you!!


..btw.. is Powder Puff running this year? if so.... let me know if you need a driver cause I'm ready!!! (Vince and Dolores let my friend drive their car one year and it's my turn, ha)

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