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LSSZ Rules and Guidelines posted here


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General Guidelines

First and foremost, Lone Star Speedzone (LSSZ) is not a bash site. There are plenty of bash sites out there, but LSSZ is not one of them. The goal of this site is to be a positive influence within the Texas racing community. To that end, we ask that you abide by the guidelines listed below and the spirit of those guidelines.

LSSZ membership is a privilege, not a right. We value every member and want you to be here, but we reserve the right to suspend or ban members, to limit posting privileges and to edit or delete any posts/threads for any reason.

(1) LSSZ is designed to be a safe, moderated discussion board where topics of interest to the Texas racing community can be discussed in a calm, civil manner. Please say what you need to say in a polite, non-aggressive way. We are not here to provide a soapbox for troublemakers or disgruntled individuals. If anyone has an issue with another member, a track or series official, sponsors, etc., please take the issue up with that individual in private.

(2) LSSZ does not permit the bashing of others - especially Texas-based (local track) drivers, legitimate Texas-based racing tracks, Texas-based racing series and other legitimate Texas-based racing organizations. Do not post abusive, disruptive, defaming, hostile, aggressive, rude, crude, offensive or vulgar comments in the forums.

(3) LSSZ is viewed under the Communications Decency Act as a "distributor" and therefore protected under from legal action claims for "defamation" or "libel." However, LSSZ members who post things that may be considered to be defamation of character or libel can have legal action taken against them by the individual or company involved. Likewise, it is not LSSZ's responsibility to defend our members (or anyone else using this site) against defamation/libel charges lodged against them.

(4) No Soliciting.

(5) Do not post advertisements unless you have an advertising agreement with LSSZ or are posting a personal, racing-related item for sale in the classifieds. We will be happy to talk to you about becoming an advertising partner on LSSZ . Just drop us an email at nick.lssz@gmail.com. For further information about becoming a LSSZ advertiser, see the advertising section below.

(6) LSSZ Administrators and Moderators do not discuss the reason why posts are deleted (or not deleted), edited (or not edited) in the public forums unless they decide to do so for educational purposes. If you have an issue with a deletion or edit, discuss it with the Administrator directly via a PM, email, text message, phone call or in person.

(7) All members must have a current, valid email address on file or their membership will be subject to termination.

(8) Impersonating another member or the use of multiple screen names is not permitted.

(9) "Flooding" the forum with multiple posts with the same or similar content is not permitted. Choose the most appropriate forum area to post your content rather than posting in several different forum sections with the same basic message.

(10) LSSZ does not delete user accounts upon request. If someone gets banned or no longer wishes to be a LSSZ member, their posts will remain public in public view. On the other hand, LSSZ does reserve the right to delete any account and any/all posts at our discretion.

(11) Private Messages or emails are private. Posting the contents of someone's PM or email without expressed permission is a serious "no-no." Likewise, posting another member's personal information without express permission is not permitted.

(12) LSSZ reserves the right to terminate any member, restrict posting privileges, edit or remove posts/threads at any time and for any reason.

Advertising policy

1.  Do not post ads for a business in the LSSZ forums, including the Classifieds, signature blocks and personal information sections, unless that business has an advertising agreement with LSSZ. If in doubt, contact the Administrator, Nick Holt.

2. Do not post links or URLs to websites unless that site is:

  •  a business that already has an advertising agreement with LSSZ;
  •  a race track, a recognized racing series, or a driver’s personal website;
  •  a photo site such as Flickr, PhotoBucket or U-Tube;
  •  a site featuring news stories of general interest to LSSZ members.

3.  Blatant advertisements for businesses included in the body of press releases and/or forum posts will be edited out unless that business has an advertising agreement with LSSZ.

4. Signature blocks, personal profiles, posts and/or classified posts may not contain links to sponsors’ sites or advertisements for that sponsor unless that business has an advertising agreement with LSSZ.

5.  Screen names cannot be the name of a business unless that business has an advertising agreement with LSSZ.

6. However, referring to a race event or race car by the sponsor’s name in posts is acceptable. Examples might be:

  • “The Sunoco Season Opener”
  • “Lone Star Speedzone Late Model”
  • “Simpson Racing Products Modified”

7.  Signature blocks and personal profiles may include the names of (but not a link to or advertisements for) the race team’s sponsors. All fonts used in these two areas must be small and non-obtrusive. Some examples might be:

  • Your Name, driver of the Lone Star Speedzone ASCS Sprint Car”
  • “Your Name, owner of the Nick Holt Suspension Seminars Pro Truck”
  • “Your Name, crew chief on the Maui Tan Monte Carlo”

We recognize that teams need to promote their sponsors and we also know that Lone Star Speedzone is an effective way for a business to get their name, products and services out there. Contact Nick if you would like to advertise with us or if you have any questions regarding these guidelines.

We really appreciate your cooperation.

Nick Holt, Admin - Lone Star Speedzone (nick.lssz@gmail.com)

A word about Security on Lone Star Speedzone

No digital communications are 100% secure. Anyone with the right equipment and software can access just about any form of communications out there.  So keep in mind that your registration data is "private" only in the sense that other Lone Star Speedzone members cannot access or view them. 

In addition, if I receive a legal subpoena for a member's personal information (IP address, email address, content of PMs, etc) I am legally obligated to provide such data (but only after I put up a huge stink about it with whoever will listen).  

The bottom line is that any internet communication is not secure and you should communicate accordingly. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Nick Holt, Admin, Lone Star Speedzone

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