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Texas Twisters coming to Killeen

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For immediate release

Contact Pat Wilson 254-290-6262





So, you want to be a race car driver? Don't think you can afford to build a race car?


Think again, now you can!


Introducing the Texas Twister Class, a new, exciting and very affordable way to race at Texas Thunder Speedway in Killeen, Tx.


“These are cars that race, not race cars,” said promoter Pat Wilson. “We built one over the winter and only spent $400 on it.”


The Texas Twister is a brand new concept in racing. The cars allowed are any sub-compact mid-sized car, front wheel drive, that came OEM with four-cylinder or six-cylinder engines.


Don't think you have the skill, tools or support equipment to build a race car? Think again, you don't need much to put a Texas Twister together.


Anyone with a basic set of mechanics tools and access to a welder should be able to build a Texas Twister. You can't do much except remove the glass, trim and plastic needs to be removed, and a roll hoop installed. There's not a lot to it.


And if you don't have access to any of those things? Not to worry.


There is a $500 claim on the cars. Claim includes entire car except drivers safety equipment. Who is eligible to be claimed? The top four finishers are subject to claim, in cash only. Who can claim a car? Any individual may claim the top four based on a first come, first served basis.


Still not convinced?


These will be STOCK cars. If it didn't come from the factory, then it isn't allowed. No racing or trick parts are permitted.


But, I don't have a truck and trailer to haul the car to the track each week.


You don't need one, just leave the car at the track. What could be easier?


To check see the complete rules (all 17 of them) go on-line to http://www.texasthunder.com and click on the Rules on the left hand menu and then select Texas Twister. Or call Pat Wilson at 254-290-6262.


But, what if I don't know how to race?


Not a problem, Texas Thunder has you covered there as well.


We are starting a “Racing 101” class this year. Come out and we will teach you what racing is all about. What the flags mean, where to enter and leave the track, and how to race. Also covered are all race procedures and who to ask if you have a question or concern on race night. Cost for the class? It is absolutely free.


Texas Thunder Speedway is a 1/4 mile semi-banked oval dirt track. Races Every Saturday Night March through September! With Seven SUPER EXCITING classes of cars to entertain the entire family.


Featured classes include; IMCA Modified, IMCA Stock Cars, IMCA SportMods, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks, Jr Mini Stocks & Texas Twisters. Special Events designed especially for the kids as well as Powder Puff Races, Pit Crew Tire Contest and our all time crowd pleaser, the Demolition Derby.


Come join the fun, at Texas Thunder Speedway


Bill “Sarge” Masom

Texas Thunder Speedway Co-Announcer

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