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Looking for some cars to put out at car shows during the next few weeks. We have had cars at Autozone for the last 2 weeks, one cub scout pine wood derby, and cars at the new Beamers yesterday. I have to say Thanks to Steve Grantz who has made pretty much all the shows, also Steve Whiteaker Jr., and Mike Riley for helping out.


We have scheduled shows coming up on Thursday the 9th at the Ice Rays Hockey game, Autozone on Saturday morning the 11th, then need at least 5 commitments for a show on the 18th from 11am until 2pm for a Daytona kick off party with Time Warner. On this one there will be an ad in the newspaper with the drivers names and numbers as part of Time Warner advertising the event.


Give me a call if you can help.

Owen 361-548-0669



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You know I will be there on the 9th!!! I can make the 18th with no problem, however there is the little "7 Card Stud" tournament that I am supposed to be in on the 11th. Send your complaints to "Dry Slick Eddy".



You know I will be there on the 9th!!!



You know I and subway ( if he can make it back in time ) will be there with you...


Hey guys you all need to come out to these events if you can and lets show the racing fans what they have to look forward to...


With a little effort from everyone we can take racing in CC to a whole new level...



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