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SADNESS in Pleasanton


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Last night Billy Hurley passed away doing one of the things he loved, bowling. Many of you might not know Billy but many of you do. He was the big guy always setting at the top of the stands with his wife and he was a friend of mine and a friend to many other racers and people. Hurley Auto parts has been a faithful sponsor of mine for many years. He helped out many a local racer. He was a little rough around the edges sometimes, but you could not find a more honest, loyal, engine knowlegible, and hard working man. Hurley horse power took me and Dennis Hilla to many victories and several track championships over the past few years. Our deepest condolences and sympathy go out to his wife, son, stepdaughter, and brother Bobby. I'm really at a loss for words but I hope they can understand how me and my family feel about this great loss to his family and to local racing. The next win is for you Billy, and I hope you get to bowl that "300" up their. God Bless You Jim "THE BULL" Kennett, Sonia Kennett and the entire crew at Kennett Motorsports

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