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Weekly Racing Show


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Another question. I remember seeing a weekly racing show that showed highlights and results of the racing at SAS. Not sure if it was just a 10 minute segment or what? What channel was it on? Wonder if any local channel will ever do it again. Maybe KABB, they show news for an hour nightly. Also remember seeing some poor video taping of some racing at SAS on channel 20(Public Access) not sure what year.

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You are correct about TV programs at the half mile track we now know as San Antonio Speedway.


When Joe Horne owned and operated Highway 16 Raceway, there was a weekly television, one hour highlight report of the preceding Saturday night's races. It was done for about a two year period. (Note: The video quality did vary because Joe had some man do the recording for FREE).


I remember it very well because I would go to the downtown Paragon Cable TV Studio and narrate the program, "live"each Tuesday night on cable channel 20.


In later years, when Frank Howell owned the track known as San Antonio International Speedway, there was another TV show, The late Tracy Allee produced the program. Trey Ware and Ricci Ware Jr announced a weekly show known as SA Speed. The program included highlights from SAIS and other races.


Neil Upchurch

Former Track Announcer

Highway 16 Raceway

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I remember on Saturday mornings they used to run a 30 minute show that had dirt series and short tracks from all over. One morning they showed the previous sat. night race at SAS. It wasn't too bad from what I remember, but that was probably 10 years ago. :blink: Think they had a Have A Tampa Series or something like that. Also remember KABB doing one race around that time. I think Horelka won.

I do think it would be cool if we could get TV shows at any local track.


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