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Kevin Suberg


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I stopped by the Suburt's place today. Kevin was sitting on the couch, alert and apparently doing OK. He looked a lot better today than he did at the Fall Brawl when he had to leave early because he felt so bad.


Kevin said he's looking forward to attending the TSRS/THR banquet on Saturday and the USRA/SAS banquet on February 4th, so that's a real good sign.


Nick Holt

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Yes indeed Kevin had a wonderful time at the banquet. He loved the standing applause. I must say he was not feeling himself just before that but after the applause it walk him up. He has spells ever now and then. We must say a Big Thank You to Mary Ann and group for the hospitality. And for Nick picking up the hood so it could make the trip too.


The evening was great. Even as the team of Lloyd Alexander gave Kevin his trophy. What a big smile on Kevin face.


Again God Bless,

As we wish each and every driver and team a safe year.


Richard, Dorothy, Kevin Suberg

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