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The rules for T.S.R.S.\ Thunderhill are up at the Thunderhillraceway.com web site

The link on the THR site will take you to last year's TSRS rules, but the link to the 06 rules was removed from the MAN site a few days or so after it appeared there. I figured they had to do some additional editing or something.

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Guest Mary Ann Naumann

Oh my, :unsure: thanks for bringing this to my attention, yes they were on there, we have a new website about to launch, not sure what happened to them on the old site, I will get in touch with our webmaster, Bob and I am certain it will be corrected shortly, but until then, here are the changes from 2005. Thanks again! ;)


2006 Rules & Regulations changes from 2005


Anyone that is not totally clear on the writing and or understanding of a Technical Rule, it is the responsibility of the Driver/Car Owner/Crew to clarify with the Director of Tech/Pit Operations - Jack Sandefur - @ 512.281.5489 or 512.247.1029.


Note: All the following are areas of changes from the 2005 set of rules:


FRONT CLIPS - Tubular Front Clips will be allowed, with an additional 25 pounds added & must be placed in a specific location (See detailed specification/description)

HEADS - The Iron Eagle Platinum head will be allowed with no penalty but must maintain a 62cc combustion chamber minimum

HEADERS - Tri-y header or Twice Merged headers will NOT be allowed

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS - you must have a 10 pound fire extinguisher in each pit area at all times and it must be fully charged, one per car

BATTERY - One standard 12 volt not to exceed 13.5 volts.

FUEL - There will be one type of fuel allowed (to be decided) and must be purchased from the Series Distributors, SS Motorsports - Austin and Oval Components - San Antonio (NO Additives will be allowed)

CRANK & RIDE HEIGHT - All cars must maintain a crankshaft center line of no less than 11 inches above the ground at ride height and without the driver and also must maintain a chassis-frame-skirting and body height of 4 inches above the ground at any point

CLUTCH & FLYWHEEL - A steel scatter shield is required. The scatter shield must have an inspection hole of at least 2-inch diameter in the bottom of the scatter shield to view the clutch assembly - must be covered 360 degrees -applies to Stock type Clutch and Mini Clutch systems



Rear frame OVER rear axle - 25 pounds

Coil over shocks/springs suspensions +15 pounds per wheel (must run all 4)

Mini clutch and/or multi disk clutches +25 pounds

Vortec with 2.02/1.60 valves +25 pounds

Tubular Front Clip (as specified in rules & in specific location) +25 pounds

Less than 107" wheelbase -1% left side weight (Note: unless the chassis is a true perimeter chassis car)


NOTE: Minimum weight of 3000 including any and all weight breaks! That said designed weight, must be before and after qualifying and all race events.

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