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not in it for the points just for fun. i would like an answer asap so i can try and get the car put back together. money is tight.but want to run ccms once a month but dont want to spend more money then i have to. i have got alot of the hooser tires and dont want to buy anymore. if yall know what i mean.

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Run them i would if not runnin for points.

They have not let visiting cars run race tires before, so I doubt they will start now.


I agree with poorboy. If someone came to my home track wanting to race a car with a package that was between .5 and 1 second faster than the locals, I would not be happy. It's not fair to the guys that race by the rules every week.


Can't blame colgate for asking the question, but I don't think it will happen.


So colgate, you bringing a SS to THR this season?



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