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Snowball update


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Sorry guys, but I'm not at the Snowball. I'm in Frederick, MD! I just talked to Tommy T on my lunch break and he gave me the update. I've tried for six weeks to find a way to get there to help out and then get back here for work on Monday, but it was impossible. Anyway I'll let you guys know if I get anymore information.


P.S. Donnie, David Tedford took my place on the pit crew.



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Guest lidllarry

T Wade Welch 38th

Matt Merrill 42nd

Chris D 51st

Bradley 53rd


Top 30 Made the show, they will race their way in for 5 additional spots.



Looks like Matt Merrill is going to be a hell of a racer very soon. Does Rousch know about this guy yet?

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What about Casey Smith when he was 16 he qualified 14th at the snowball, ran 3rd 2 years ago, was in the top 10 last year before he blew a motor. Chris Davidson has made the field every year, and ran 4th one year. Why would Jack Rousch know about Mr. Matt Merrell who qualified 42nd???????? <_<:P

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My Webpage Snowflake lineup not my webpage!


14 year old wins the Snowflake, Hunter Roberts! With a big wreck at the finish. top 5 18, 7, 11, 111, 0. Unofficial. Greg Davidson was caught in an earlier wreck.


Snowflake lineup w/ drivers




No drivers from Texas qualified for the Snowball. Now their heading to the bar.



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1. Hunter Robbins

2. Landon Cassill

3. Mike Williamson

4. Peter Cozzolino

5. Jack Landis

6. David Hole

7. Josh Adams

8. Brent Downey

9. Sammy McMillan

10. Ryan Sieg

11. Brandon Carlson

12. Tommy Climer

13. Evan Vines

14. Brian Nester

15. Scott Smotherman

16. Jesse Smith

17. Lorenzo Benton

18. Chri Bahai

19. Michale Marden

20. Stevie Mercer

21. Wade Buttrey

22. Steven Davis

23. Kelly Bires

24. Mickey Cain

25. Kevin Perry

26. Kory Ruble

27. Zach Niessner

28. James Buescher

29. Richard Johns

30. Michale Lance

31. Royce Johnston

32. Andy Pugh

33. Greg Davidson

34. Ronnie Kittle

35. Keith Cahela

36. Chris Cotto

37. Dwayne Buggay

38. Greg Tallent

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1.Eddie Mercer

2.Augie Grill

3.Johnny Brazier

4.Freddie Query

5.Mike Fritts

6.Justin Drawdy

7.Gary St.Amant

8.Donald Long

9.Chuck Barnes

10.Jay Middleton

11.Wayne Anderson

12.Jeff Choquette

13.Cale Gale

14.Steven Davis

15.Joey Senter

16.Randy Gentry

17.Bobby Gill

18.Clay Rogers

19.Kevin Cywinski

20.Ricky Turner

21.David Hole

22.Joey Miller

23.David Rogers

24.Hal Goodson

25.Mark Day

26.Ronnie Sanders

27.Charlie Bradberry

28.Dave Mader III

29.Chris Gabehart

30.Scott Carlson

31.Grant Enfinger (last chance qualifier)

32.Wayne Niedecken Jr. (last chance qualifier)

33.Ryan Foster (last chance qualifier)

34.Landon Cassill (last chance qualifier)

35.Boris Jurkovic (last chance qualifier)

36.Ryan Crane ** (Blizzard Series Provisionals)

37.Josh Hamner ** (Blizzard Series Provisionals)

38.Stephen Wallace *** (Most Recent Derby Winner Provisional)



Stanley Smith

Ken McFarland (DQed after winning Last Chance race)

T. Wade Welch

Ryan Mathews

Keith Cahela

Jeremy Pate

Matt Merrell

J.R. Norris

Jack Landis

Bubba Pollard

Travis Kittleson

Dale Little

Matt Hawkins

Chris Davidson

Scott Hantz

Bradley Riethmeyer

Dwayne Buggay

Keith Thorpe

Scott Smith

Danny Bagwell

Eddie Craig

David Hodges Jr.

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Buescher ran the last race of the season with us in the Houston cars. He was really fast in practice, but had problems during the race and fell out. He had some really fast times in practice. His times were up with the top (3) or (4) from our class. I noticed he is registered for the ASALM series for next year.


Real stupid question......what is the difference in the Snowflake and the Snowball cars?

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