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TPS Holds 2005 Awards Dinner

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TPS Holds 2005 Awards Dinner


The Texas Pro Sedans Series 2005 annual Awards Dinner was held on Saturday night,

November 26 in San Antonio. The TPS custom of holding its annual awards ceremony

in conjunction with Thunder Hill Raceway could not be followed this year due to TPS

and THR date scheduling situations.


During the TPS Awards Dinner, the 2005 Texas Pro Sedans Champion Sergio Hexsel of San Antonio, received his first TPS Champions Plaque. Hexsel delivered remarks.


The 2005 Texas Pro Sedans “Rookie of the Year” Tom Johnson of Kingsland was presented with the TPS Rookie Plaque. Johnson delivered remarks.


Hexsel and Johnson received embroidered Hoosier jackets, which were sent by Texas Pro Sedans sponsor Tom Lorenz, President of Hoosier Racing Tires Southwest. The jackets were presented by David Mackey, the TPS 13” Hoosier Tire Dealer in central Texas.


Several Texas Pro Sedans sponsors and members received personalized 30th Anniversary

Logo Appreciation Clock Awards. They included Richard and Bea Villanueva, Nelson Skinner and Steve Foster of San Antonio for their sponsorship of several TPS races at Thunder Hill Raceway and San Antonio Speedway races. David Mackey received a TPS clock award for his many years of support to TPS. Mike O’Conner of Weatherford, Texas and Luke and Candi Hogan of Austin were presented with a clock award for being TPS’s newest sponsors.


TPS Driver Mike Knotts designed, fabricated and presented the sponsor appreciation clocks for the sponsors and also presented Neil Upchurch with golf merchandise gifts in behalf of all TPS members.


Texas Pro Sedans Race and Administrative Director, Neil Upchurch presented awards to some recipients and a narrative presentation recalling the 2005, 30th TPS racing season. 2006 TPS Rules and Specifications were distributed to all TPS members who attended.


TPS Driver, Bruce Mabrito delivered a humorous Texas Pro Sedan 2005 post season ode.


Terry Dickerson, USRA Owner and the San Antonio Speedway Operator spoke and delivered informative and interesting remarks to the gathering. He also announced a possible race format and plan for the Texas Pro Sedans at San Antonio Speedway during the 2006 racing season.


The TPS Awards Dinner location at Carlos Kelly’s was coordinated by TPS Race and Administrative Director Neil Upchurch.


A room full of more than 50 Texas Pro Sedans drivers and their families, and crew

members, sponsors and officials attended the season ending event. The large TPS member participation at the Awards Dinner put a proper finishing touch on the 30th consecutive TPS season and initiated the 31st season of scheduled Texas Pro Sedan races which should be announced in February.

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