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HMP Latemodels now ASA Latemodels

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Randy Andersen has asked that I post this message to all those with an interest in the Houston Late Model series.



Announcement as follows:



First let me begin with a Big Thank you to those that are such a

big part of our Houston Late Model series. Everyone has been very

helpful in supporting our series and I appreciate the openness and

commitment that has been shown to the me, the series, the Bakers,

and Houston Motorsports Park. In working with the owners, drivers,

and track we have decided together on a number of areas that everyone

has felt would greatly enhance the future of Late Model racing at

Houston Motorsports Park. Association, Insurance, Series Promotion,

fan support, competitive improvements being just a few. With these

areas in mind, I believe that we are positioned to see these realized.



Welcome to the ASA Late Model Series at Houston Motorsports Park !



Over the last few weeks, I have been in conversation and negotiation with

the ASA Late Model Series with a goal of gaining their support of the Houston Late Models as a part of the larger ASA series. being a part of this association provides our series and HMP many advantages such as:


Promotion of our series through Website, Print, and Television

Improves the visibility of our local promotion

Competitive insurance package availability

Technical support and training to track personnel

Possibility of future ASA touring events at HMP


Obviously there are differences in the current HMP Late Model rules

and those of the ASA Series. In the following weeks we will communicate a more

complete rules package for the ASA series at HMP, but Let me touch on the big areas of

difference and what has been agreed to:


Motor: HMP rules support the 350hp crate motor and the ASA series support the

400hp crate motor.


Body: HMP rules have no specific body rule and the ASA series specify an "ABC" body.


ASA has agreed to allow the ASA Late Model series in Houston to phase in the 400hp

Crate motor and the ABC Body through the 2006 season (for racing at HMP only). Owners have the "option" of participating with “either” during 2006 while requiring all cars to be ASA compliant in both of these areas for 2007. Rules are being developed to account for the differences in configuration that will inevitably exist in 2006. There will be other, less imposing, rule changes required through 2006 and beyond. Those will be communicated as we put together the rules document for 2006.



In addition to the efforts with the ASA series, we have put together a number of funding

efforts that are gaining great commitment from the owners, drivers, and HMP. The ASA Series at Houston Motorsports Park will have a PURSE in 2006 and beyond. Through the efforts of the owners, drivers, and the Bakers, we have already gotten written commitments toward funding for 2006. We thank all those that have, and will, contribute to this effort. We are also currently putting together a Booster Club for 2006 and are seeking family member support. Our local web site development has begun as well.


I will continue to follow-up with all the owners and drivers more directly as we more formally introduce the 2006 rules document.


Please feel free to email with me with any questions and comments you may have to:




Thank you



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