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  1. Pure Stock Feature. 5/6/17

    That was a very entertaining race !!!!! Good job Daniel
  2. The Blue and Yellow Flag

    Shawn you drove your ass off it was just a racing a racing deal with lap traffic!!!!! Jmo help the guys to keep up with the lead lap so they don't get in the way but don't help them enough to beat you !!!! Lol
  3. Thank you Shady Oaks

    Lol!!!!!! 5$ less than winner
  4. Shady Oaks Havoc

    Everybody always forgets the little cars!!!!!! Lol
  5. purestock

    I know somebody that lives close to the track that has a shock dyno!!!!
  6. purestock

    So are you gonna start claiming motors because people spend to much on them?
  7. 2016 Rules

    that wasnt even thought about i bet and no sos rules say no hole in hood i had to close mine several years back and they even check my new car when i raced this year....get you a sign ready ill throw you a dollar when i see you at corner of juan linn....lmao I'm thinking the 602 will be allowed to have a hole so they can tell which cars have the it. Buy a 602 so we can see how it runs against our motors!!!!
  8. we need a little assurance

    Get a modlite its not IMCA !!! Let me drive yours Sold it and thinking about saleing pure stock!!!!!
  9. we need a little assurance

    Get a modlite its not IMCA !!!
  10. Let's race

    Big cluster ----!!!
  11. Dwarf/Modlite Rules exceptions

    I don't see why not!!! Need all the cars they can get
  12. July 25th Races

    Everybody always forgets the little cars!!!! Lol
  13. Races this weekend (June 20)

    Yep it's raining!!!!!
  14. Fully guided fishing trip