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Paxson Picks on DCRST Payday

Ty Paxson(Boerne) didn't take the most direct route to the winners circle, but when the dust settled in the 20-lap Dwarf Car Racing Series of Texas feature, that's where he ended. With Gary Buchanan getting the early lead, Paxson made his way into the top five before spinning. Paxson quickly fought back into the top five at halfway behind Buchanan, Dillon Coyne, Sammy Silvas and Dylan Budnik.


Even another half spin didn't deter Paxson as he ran down Buchanan for the lead with three to go. The two were side by side on lap 18 until Buchanan faltered and slowed, losing several spots. At the checkers it was Paxson in the Moores Electric Company, Spreen Racing, Always Auto Group, Alamo Hot Rod Parts, Kawasaki ZX 10 powered car.


It was a lot of hard driving tonight,” said Paxson. “It was a super slick track for us. There was a lot of bumping and banging. I don't think anyone didn't run over someone else at one point. It was real hard for me to get to the front. You just had to keep your foot in it and see if it sticks.”


I spun out twice trying to avoid people. I couldn't get it back in gear that one time so that caution was on me. The second time I kept it going and stayed near the front and was able to get around some people.”


It didn't look good after going to the back. On that restart I was able to get around some people and make up some ground. From there I was able to focus and get around more people.”


Dwarf Car Racing Series of Texas

15 Ty Paxson, 1 Dillon Coyne, 49 Dillon Spreen, 45 Kyle Yuchinski, 37 Drew Simental, 53 Zac Zearfoss, 96 Colby Urbanousky, 5 Gary Buchanan, 25 Dylan Budnik, 84 Sammy Silvas, 42 Dwain Groff, 50 Jerry Book, 85 Chris Silvas sr., 51 Jeremy Hernandez, 80 Brandon Spreen, 17 Brayden Becker, 94 Clayton Carter


DCRST heats

Heat 1; 45 Kyle Yuchinski, 51 Jeremy Hernandez, 84 Sammy Silvas, 50 Jerry Book, 53 Zac Zearfoss, 85 Chris Silvas sr., 94 Clayton Carter, 42 Dwain Groff, 5 Gary Buchanan---dns


Heat 2; 96 Colby Urbanousky, 1 Dillon Coyne, 17 Brayden Becker, 37 Drew Simental, 49 Dillon Spreen, 15 Ty Paxson, 80 Brandon Spreen, 25 Dylan Budnik---dntg


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