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  1. Fryar Fan … FSAERacer … top_shelf_12 – I very much appreciate your laudatory remarks about the article I wrote with the help of seven listed contributors at the bottom. However, I have a comment in evaluating Texas asphalt racing to Alaska or New England and offer the following: Comparing Texas asphalt racing to Alaska stock car racing is as inappropriate as to compare the popularity of Texas high school or college football with that sport in Alaska. Comparing Texas asphalt racing with New England is as inappropriate as comparing the popularity of eating New England lobster with feasting on Texas catfish. To once again use an old southwest saying, “Different strokes for different folks” is appropriate in this instance. Btw: It was nice to read your reply post Fryar Fan. Thank you – Neil Upchurch
  2. top_shelf_12 - Thanks for your post which summarized by saying: "All that being said, I mean no disrespect towards any driver, crew, owner, promoter, or fan and definitely respect all involved in any format of racing and especially those that took the time to write this informative article. Great piece and would love nothing more to see asphalt racing not only come back, but thrive in Texas". I will summarize by self-quoting what I wrote toward the end of the article, "It is unlikely that we shall travel this road again". Thanks - Neil
  3. Wiley Doran - 1939-2017 Winston Wiley Doran II passed away at his home on July 24, 2017 at the age of 77. I was privileged to have called Wiley Doran my friend, and a co-driver in three 24 Hour road races at the Autodromo of Monterrey, Mexico, a Race Control Assistant at Texas World Speedway’s Texas Race of Champions and occasionally a valued legal advisor. My wife Terry and I send our sympathies to all his family and a great wife Jeanne who supported Wiley’s auto racing career and once co-drove with Wiley and I in the 24 hour race. We also know the loss of their Dad which Shelley and Marcey and Julie must feel at this time. We had the pleasure of meeting his three impressive daughters when they were young girls in Houston. Forever may you Rest in Peace - Wiley Doran. Wiley’s family, friends and associates shared a Celebration of his Life at the Bradshaw-Carter Funeral Home, 1734 West ALABAMA Street, Houston, Texas 77098 during the afternoon of Saturday, August 5th. They honored and remembered "the gone but not forgotten man" we called our lawyer, golfing buddy, auto racer and a sincere friend, the late Wiley Doran. The Doran family appreciates everyone who read this announcement and remembrance and attended. Thank you my friend - Neil Upchurch Founder - Texas Pro Sedans & TIDA Late Model Series Race Director Texas Race of Champions at TWS
  4. Hello readers of my article. I spent a lot of time working on the NSSN article to make sure it was journalistically correct. I will attempt to answer your remarks on questions here. Before I do, the entire article, with many photos to illustrate the findings along with our contributors is posted and available by logging onto www.texasprosedans.com www.texasprosedans.com and clicking on the first menu item “NEARLY ALL TEXAS ASPHALT SHORT TRACKS ARE GONE”. Regarding the posting by FSAERacer … Thanks for your appreciation of my article. You correctly wrote; “the owners of CCS have publicly stated that it is their intentions to use the harbor bridge money to modernize and upgrade and then reopen CCS”. I read the same post and I also hope CCS is reopened. A lot of Texas racing history resides at that ¼ mile Corpus Christi Speedway track on 241 Flato Road. However, I understand from TX Dot the new Harbor Bridge construction project in Corpus Christi is a five year undertaking and so is the five year lease use of the CCS property. Their occupancy is to produce hundreds and hundreds of tons of concrete to build the new bridge. Not very many tracks I’ve known who closed for a lot less than five years were able to reestablish their car counts and spectator attendance and therefore show a profit. Your other comment, “SAS is also far from a lost cause, there are multiple efforts underway to reopen it”. A lot of good luck and much money would have to be poured into reopening of SAS. I worked at Highway 16 Raceway prior to the original track opening in 1977. I organized, promoted and ran a large number of TIDA Late Model Series and Texas Pro Sedans races at SAS and for several years did all the promotional work and advertising production for Don Bierschwale and later Joe Horne who ran the track in those days. I hope you are correct but I wouldn’t bet very much on your ambitious prediction. From King237 … “Hi Mr. Upchurch.....that was a GREAT article and I am appreciative of your time to research and write it along with the contributors”. The article was a labor of love by me and the contributors I credited at the bottom of the article. I spent more than two months on it and I very much appreciate your understanding of our efforts. You also commented … “I am curious about the reason for the driver’s boycott of Pan Am Speedway and why this occurred”. I was working as the pace car driver at Pan American Speedway when the boycott happened. A large number of the drivers formed a driver’s association. They felt their understood purse percentage payback was being shorted. Many invested their money in shares of Highway 16 Raceway and its construction. You also wrote: “Thanks again for the terrific article and history lesson”. Thanks again for your comments. dy97 … Your comment recalls the days Midland/Odessa drag racing. My article concentrates only on Oval Asphalt racing. I appreciate you reading my piece anyhow. Thank you - Neil Upchurch Founder - Texas Pro Sedans and Former Administrative Director
  5. Texas History Racing Article

    Thank you Neil Upchurch ... Founder – TIDA-LM Series, Texas Pro Sedans and Former TPS Administrative Director
  6. How many different tracks have you been to?

    Josh42: You asked, "Didn't some of the TIDA and local racers run in the Aqua Festival races?" YES ... As part of the Austin Aqua Festival, the River City Road Races were conducted. When the event was held, several TIDA-LM Series drivers and many Texas Pro Sedan drivers participated. Both had road racing experience at Texas World Speedway in the TROC and in Monterrey Mexico 24 Hour Race for 4 cylinder cars. I raced in the Austin event several times. The 1 1/2 mile course used about a half mile of Riverside Drive, turned left just prior to the railroad underpass, ran through several parking lots and around what I recall known as the Convention Center or Auditorium. It was quite a road racing experience. I am glad that I participated and placed well each year. Neil Upchurch
  7. With the assistance of seven consulting experts I recently wrote a historical Texas asphalt short track racing article. The shorter version is currently published in the National Speed Sport News magazine and later in July, the article will be posted on the NSSN website. The longer version of the article with several additional photos is now posted under the title of “NEARLY ALL TEXAS ASPHALT SHORT TRACKS ARE GONE” is now available for reading and photo viewing on ... www.texasprosedans.com The historical article details the closure of all southwest asphalt tracks, with the exception of Houston Motorsports Park which was closed for two and a half years. HMP recently and successfully reopened with a race on July 8th for a limited and exploratory racing schedule which includes Saturday, September 23rd. Thank you - Neil Upchurch Founder – TIDA-LM Series, Texas Pro Sedans and Former TPS Administrative Director
  8. With the assistance of seven consulting experts I recently wrote a historical Texas asphalt short track racing article. The shorter version is currently published in the National Speed Sport News magazine and laterin July will be posted on their website. The longer version of the article with several additional photos is now posted under the title of “NEARLY ALL TEXAS ASPHALT SHORT TRACKS ARE GONE” is now available for your reading on www.texasprosedans.com The historical article details the closure of all southwest asphalt tracks, with the exception of Houston Motorsports Park which was closed for two and a half years, but recently reopened on July 8th for a limited and exploratory racing schedule. Thank you - Neil Upchurch Founder – TIDA-LM Series, Texas Pro Sedans and Former TPS Administrative Director
  9. Rest In Peace Judy Machen

    She was a good woman. Rest in peace - Judy Machen. Neil Upchurch
  10. TPS and TIDA and Longhorn Speedway History posted on Texas Racing History An article was written and posted by Alanis King. She is a journalism student at the University of Texas in Austin. She asked TIDA-LM and Texas Pro Sedans Founder Neil Upchurch for major input material from his memory of the racing history of Longhorn Speedway in Austin, Texas and other Texas asphalt racing history material for her University of Texas THESIS and for posting on the website where she works as a writer. The complete posting of her long version story with all photos re-posted and authorized by Alanis King and her website supervisor is available by logging onto www.texasprosedans.com Her article was preceded by a memo to Alanis King from Neil Upchurch. The entire article and every quality photo are shown to visually support her THESIS. As most know, I was closely involved in southwest auto racing since 1969. Her article is a “memorial” about the part of Texas and southwest motorsports that is gone, but not entirely forgotten. I told her I regret all the money, time and work spent by car owners, drivers and crews and the support of loyal spectators and track and car sponsors. I also regret all the effort and funds gambled and lost by track operators, (sometimes called promoters) which I was for some TPDA-LM track rentals and which all eventually came up “snake eyes” in short track version of auto racing’s craps. I also mentioned to her that having written quite a few racing News Releases. I appreciated her studied preparation and journalistic ability and I hoped she receives a high grade when she turns in her THESIS at the University of Texas. I later learned she made an “A”. In my part of the article, I posted complete list of the southwest asphalt tracks which have closed over the years. I can tell all of you Lone Star Speed Zone readers that Alanis King’s story is good Texas racing history and deserves a complete read. I told Alanis King I was proud to assist her and appreciated her asking for my input. Neil Upchurch Texas Pro Sedans Founder, Race Director & Administrative Director Texas Intl Drivers Association TIDA-LM Founder & Race Director Texas World Speedway Texas Race of Champions Race Director & P.A. Announcer
  11. Sadly another lost to the heavens

    After witnessing their talents at CC Speedway, I hired Kim Schumacher Hisle and her co-scorer Lorraine McCain who scored at the CCS ¼ mile asphalt oval. They were added to the large Scoring Department at Texas World Speedway to work several Texas Race of Champions events which featured TIDA-LM races and Texas Pro Sedans support races along with other support class races. Kim Schumacher Hisle, one of the best scorers who ever worked at our races. She was as good as they come. We sympathize with her family and friends and the loss they feel at this time. Neil Upchurch Former Race Director at Texas World Speedway Founder - Texas Pro Sedans and Race & Administrative Director
  12. TPS Suspends 2017 Season

    I appreciate AROB’s on target posted comments. I don’t know your name, but I have read many of your quality screen name posts. It is also good to hear from a former TPS driver and occasional race official - 97 Car (aka Kevin Hallman). Thanks buddy. miniholmes1117: You wrote and posted on here, “Awesome series with great leadership. I hope this will only be a short break”. I don’t know your name beyond screen name either but I thank you - Neil Upchurch, Texas Pro Sedans Founder & Administrative Director
  13. TPS Suspends 2017 Season

    I want to thank Debbie Williams and Mel Krauss for their much appreciated nicely worded and sincere posts. Debbie Williams has long served a number of auto racing officiating positions at tracks such as San Antonio Speedway under several owners and at Thunder Hill Raceway for more years than I can count. She was very qualified in the racing work she did. It could be that auto racing is in her DNA since she comes from a family of racers we all know well, the Bendele family of drivers. She has what is known as “True Grit”. She is a recovering cancer patient and that says it all. Thank you a lot Debbie. Mel Krauss also comes from a family of racers. His late Dad Larry was a TPS driver and is listed in the Memorial Section of www.texasprosedans.com Mel has driven in a large number racing classes and competed in many Texas Pro Sedans events. Mel Krauss was as clean a race driver as they come. Mel’s son Levi is a third generation race car driver and has also performed quite well in several racing classs as well. Mel’s posted comments bring back many of my auto racing memories with most of them being fond memories. Mel … I thank you. Both of you of you are at the top of my racing favorites list - Neil Upchurch Texas Pro Sedans Founder & Administrative Director
  14. TPS Suspends 2017 Season

    It is my pleasure to receive such laudatory and kind remarks from Texas Pro Sedans, driver, member and car owner Mike Knotts. I am also pleased to recognize the participation of the only remaining Texas Pro Sedans, charter driver member Mike Knotts. Of the nearly 600 TPS races which were contested, Mike was a driver in all but 4 or 5 events. I might add that his absences were always very much justified such as the weekend that Mike and Charysse were married. During the past several seasons, Mike comutted from Charysse’s place of work, Frankfurt, Germany from where he mised no TPS races in Texas. Mike has also supplied TPS cars so many drivers over the years and allowed the use his 1518 Car Parts garage to other TPS cars, to many than I can count. Thank you Mike Knotts - Neil Upchurch Texas Pro Sedans Founder & Administrative Director
  15. Texas Pro Sedans Suspends 2017 Season The Texas Pro Sedans announced on March 4 in a private e-mail to all 2017 Texas Pro Sedans Drivers, TPS Officials, TPS Sponsors, former TPS Officials and selected members and friends that TPS was suspending the 2017 Season. The TPS Founder and Administrative Director Neil Upchurch wrote in the e-mail that he sincerely wished to have not written and distributed the e-mail. He said David Mackey and him have been in close communication since they both first learned on December 13th (and after the December 11th TPS Awards Dinner) that the CTS lease was vacated. As the Texas Pro Sedans Founder & Administrative Director he reluctantly wrote the following: I want you to know that I did all I could for more than 41 years to maintain TPS as a responsible, respected, functioning, effective and vital Texas racing organization. Although I assumed this day might eventually come, I hate the day has arrived. TPS has outlived and succeeded every other Texas area asphalt race track and Texas asphalt racing organization we know of. It was good and reliable racing for all TPS drivers and their cars for over four decades. All loyal members should be proud of Texas Pro Sedans accomplishments. The primary reasons for suspension of the 2017 racing season is directly due to the following reasons: 1. The apparent continuing lack of a new lease holder to reopen and resume racing operations at the track located in Kyle, Texas and formerly known as Central Texas Speedway. 2. CC Speedway owner posted January 5th on LSSZ his desire to reopen the track in 2017. However, he has not responded to our post and e-mail pledging TPS’s support in which his CCS 2017 scheduling plan as requested. We received no reply and know of no other communications or posts by CCS regarding 2017 racing at the Corpus Christi oval. 3. The practice and future racing arrangement I was working on at Houston Motorsports Park hit a stop sign when we read many TPS driver posts on Face Book. It was clear TPS had several drivers who were apparently unwilling to wait on our TPS strategy to develop and work after publication of the February 15th “We are NOT giving up” e-mail to all members. Instead they signaled their disagreement with the patiently wait concept and announced their departure from a fragmented TPS in favor of dirt track racing. Their premature departure doomed our shrinking membership numbers and seriously damaged TPS’s future asphalt car count. (Our reaction was - “If TPS drivers won’t follow … TPS officials won’t lead”). 4. The withdrawing of its 2017 TPS sponsorship by Sanford Electrical Services in Austin and the owner submitting a refund request. With suspension of the 2017 TPS racing season and in an appropriate and fair manner to all current members, all deposited 2017 TPS dues have been refunded and were sent by U.S. Mail on March 3 to all drivers and a sponsor on TPS roles for the presumed 2017 season. The listed sum-total of refunds is $2,780 was itemized for member reference. All concerned were urged to keep their cars in a race ready condition. If a Texas asphalt track reopens, the Texas Pro Sedans need to be ready to reorganize and support that track. Upchurch thanked the various TPS Race Officials who helped him thru the years to work the nearly 600 TPS races which were produced. He suggested that if any member has time they all deserve should send a “large thank you”. He also thanked all for their membership in the Texas Pro Sedans organization over the many of the 41 consecutive racing years. The steady and loyal members are particularly appreciated. Neil Upchurch - Texas Pro Sedans Founder & Administrative Director For further information, the TPS website will remain open and marginally active at - www.texasprosedans.com