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  1. Looking For a Powerglide case or one that needs to be rebuilt. Call or Text 361-774-0183
  2. EQ Heads & Cam

    Updated Price EQ Heads Ready To Bolt On With Roller Tip Rockers $1,000.00 Solid Cam With Lifters For Sportmod $225.00
  3. EQ Heads With All New Parts. Done By ACE Machine In April 2020. Bolt On Ready ACE Machine Custom Cam One Race Old For Sport Mod/Limited Mod With Lifters SOLD
  4. Looking for a GM 7.5 rearend with or with out Axles Or one that needs to be rebuilt Call or Text 361 774 0183
  5. ISO 7.5 Rearend

    Looking for a 7.5 rearend
  6. 882 heads SOLD!

    Where are located?
  7. Looking for a SBC 350 2 od 4 bolt main that needs rebuild. short block or long block. No .60 overs Call or Text 361 774 0183
  8. GM Sweet Steering Box 12 to 1 In Very Good Condition SOLD
  9. Looking for a right side exhaust manifold For factory stock in the Corpus Christ area.
  10. Found one Thanks Speed zone
  11. Looking for a 2101 or 2701 SBC intake. Call or text 361 774 0183
  12. Memphis Villarreal

  13. ISO

    Looking for a power Steering box for a GM metric car Emod in the Corpus area or 100 miles away. Call or Text 361 774 0183
  14. Race Parts

    Call or text 361 774 0183
  15. Im in to pay a membership fee. This is a great site for people with out FB to keep updated on tracks and news. So many other sites charge to post stuff for sale.
  16. T-STARS 2019 Race Dates at Houston Motorsports Park

    Mav MotorSports will definitely have a car out there Next year.
  17. HMP Practice Sunday February 11th

    # 79 PLM is planning on going. Will Tires and Fuel Be Available?
  18. What is the pay out going to be? PLM Pay out or Outlaw pay out? And what will the entry fee be?