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  1. Larry, I have an 8 bolt toyota chunk that has been welded and has been sitting under my tool box for quite some time. I'll have to check the ratio since I dont remember what it was. If you think you might be interested in it let me know in case you need a back up or something. My office # 361-855-4637 cell#361-813-0816 i'm here in Corpus.
  2. Front Gate Admission

    Charge a flat rate per car say $20 no matter how many people are in the vehicle, 2-10 it doesn't matter how many just get them in. 2nd thing is have a great show so that the spectators will want to come back, keep things moving and keep the spectators involved young and old.
  3. Pete Peterman, Cuddihy and CC Speedway

    That is so cool, even seen my dad's name in a few of those news paper clippings! Sure brings back a lot of memories. Thank you!
  4. Rumours in the air

    I say mix all the 4cyl cars together we did that with them at STS and put on a great show!!
  5. 2017

    Boy that kinda sux for us...... and others that now have yard art
  6. CC Speedways plans!

    When you get ready to start working out there let me know, we will come and help!
  7. Another Icon gone

  8. Corpus Christi Speedway on the auction block

    We now have outlets in Robstown! no need to travel to Kyle!!

    In order to have a health permit, the concession has to be inspected at least once a year.
  10. Compact Update

    HiTech, I won't slow down for you, your the one who said the only reason I won was because of my "cheater" tires. If you want to race come on, I'll race you any time!!
  11. Compact Update

    Let's go RACING!!
  12. Compact Update

    4-STANGS So if there is a drivers meeting would you attend and if you like what you hear would you finish your car? This class needs all the cars it can get and your input would be welcomed. Who else out there is in the same situation??
  13. Compact Update

    Having a drivers meeting for this class would be good. Yes there is a bit of a gap between the cars out there right now, I for one have one of those cars. Some of the problem with this class is not enough of one type of car to have a consistent class with car count. Yes I ran this car in the Texas Pro Sedan series but it does have stock frame (pinto) stock arms, stock springs front and rear, stock fire wall and most of the original floorboard. the interior is decked, and after a slight bump on the front stretch a slightly reshaped body. This is a purpose built asphalt car that we decided to go run at STS after the STP races got cancelled and the regular season began. I have petitioned for a drivers meeting since November to get everyone together to figure this out and if it comes down to where we would be voted out then so be it, I don't have a problem with that. I can very easily put it back in the barn. I am a Racer and that is what I want to do but if it becomes a problem I could just as easily become a fisherman and trade the car for my boat and do something different. My intent is to race and have a good time and help build this class up because lets face it if there are no cars there is no class, no class no racing. It is as simple as that. Trust me I have been on both sides of the fence for a few years and this class need cars and drivers to help the new drivers become the drivers they have always wanted to be, I'm here to help. So if it is decided that we are going to have a meeting just let us know so we can ALL be on the same page and that way there would not be more finger pointing and so on. "SO LETS MAKE MINI'S GREAT AGAIN"