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  1. V-8 Aussie Supercars know how to deal with cheating

    Too bad NASCAR uses selective enforcement along with ever changing penalty ranges. And now they are on a mission to ruin ARCA.
  2. Here's what went wrong with NASCAR

    NASCAR bent over for the big sponsors....not only are the big sponsors leaving but so are the big names.
  3. Nascar buys ARCA

    Goodbye ARCA....It's been a good run. Goodbye to unscripted, door to door racing...hello to soap opera, slapfest story lines in a circus atmosphere.
  4. Parts

    I found some...but I might get with you also.
  5. NA$CAR Listening to its fans?....Say it ain't so

    This is a nice start...
  6. Parts

    Thank you... and what is the name of the facebook page so I can check it out?
  7. 2018 Rules

    That's what I figured. I was looking for contact info when I asked about who was in charge (running the show).
  8. 2018 Rules

    I have to ask.... are cmize and Colt Mize the same person?
  9. 2018 Rules

    Thanks for the info...since I don't know these folks I will try to find a phone number or email for them here on the speedzone.
  10. 2018 Rules

    Who is running the show this go around? (Legacy Series)
  11. Parts

    I dug up the paperwork for HMP... anyone have any pull-offs? trying to get one maybe both cars to the May race at HMP
  12. Parts

    It's been a few years....what is a good gear combination for HMP and does anyone have any pull-offs they can part with?
  13. 2018 Class Rules

    Folks should probably take those heavy gauge aluminum (non flexing) spolers off and make some out of thin sheetmetal. They are legal as long as the measurments are the same?
  14. Facebook and Lone Star Speedzone

    Thank you Nick I would be happy to do it. I would be available for the evening shift only though (they do have a lighted par 3 out Hwy 16 past Helotes I think) so you can work on that short game... :-)