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  1. Found one thanks Lonestar Speedzone.
  2. Looking for a dwarf car.
  3. Looking for a dwarf car for sale.
  4. Brakes

    I would say power brakes.
  5. Pete Peterman, Cuddihy and CC Speedway

    Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing with us. Seems like payouts for the time weren't bad at all.
  6. Corpus Christi Speedway

    The back.
  7. Corpus Christi Speedway

    That's what I was thinking as well. In description it said auto racing so that's what got me curious.
  8. I found this photo of a post card from Corpus Christi Speedway "The Finest Clay Track in the South" Anyone have any recollection of this or time period it was?
  9. Thanks STS Crew

    I would like to thank Owen and all the STS crew for your hard work getting the track and pits ready for JULY 1 race night. Had a blast. hope the July 3 race night goes a bit better. Thanks guys and gals.