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  1. ISO intake like that in photo. Stock aluminum intake for use on Factory Stock with X on top Monty 979-332-2325
  2. Monty is looking like he may be a “has been”. We had brake problems all night. Lost brakes in heat race and brakes locked up in feature. Pulled off in the feature as it was bogging the motor down and we were losing ground fast. To add insult to injury, we lost our primary motor at practice #1 and we’ll be on a back-up motor for a few races. Off to a challenging start in 2019, but we’ll get it all ironed out before too long. I shouldn’t have ever said I wanted to focus on points this year..LOL... Our turn for a rough start this year.
  3. Please feel free to share this information. The Aaron Hudgeons Memorial Race is this Saturday (November 3rd) at Texana Raceway Park in Enda, TX. You may recall that the last time this event was held in 2015, a Limited Mod Team Challenge side pot was organized which generated a $1,500 donation to the scholarship fund and $1,500 for the winning team. Bruce Tesch and I have permission from Rachel Wittnebert Densman and Kenny Densman to do this again for this weekend in hopes of again generating extra money for the scholarship fund. TRP is making a donation to the fund and any Team Challenge collections will be added to that total and we will present the collections at intermission. How it works! Limited Mods! 1. Assemble a team of four. 2. Pick a tream name and determine a team captain. 3. $125 per driver (ie; $500 for a team of four). Get your team members to contribute $125 each or get you a sponsor for your team for the $500. 4. Bring the $500 team entry to me or Bruce with list of drivers, car numbers and team name before the first limited mod heat race green flag drops. No teams will be entered once the first limited mod heat starts. 5. From the number of teams entered x $500 per team of four, the pot will be determined. For example when there was six teams, the pot was $3,000. 6. Half of the pot will be presented at intermission for the scholarship fund. The other half will be for the winning team. 7. Winning team will be will be based on best point total from feature only. 8. if you enter a team and one car doesnt make the feature or breaks before feature, we will sympathize but points can only be earned by starting feature and we will not be able to offer a refund once money is collected for theTeam Challenge. Don't get sad though if a team car breaks, you could win with three aces finishing up front. 9. Points awarded based on finishing order after official results are determined after tech. We will use a descending point system based on number of cars starting the feature. (example; 24 start feature, highest point value is 24 and descents to 1 point for last place car. If 25 start feature, same scenario for 25 to 1). 10. Scores will be tabulated for each team based on the four drivers entered for a team to create a total team score after tech. Highest team score will win 1/2 of the money collected for the pot with the other half of the pot having been presented at intermission for the scholarship fund. 11. In the event of a mathematical tie, the winning team will be the team with the highest placing single driver from the feature. When we did this in 2015 it was very fun. We had six teams entered and it generated a $1,500 donation to the Aaron Hudgeons Memorial Scholarship Fund and $1,500 for the winning team. So, start assembling your teams, share this post and if you have a team assembled, feel free to post on this thread. Again, we will need money in hand for full team cost before first limited mod green flag drops. No teams will be entered after the first limited mod heat green flag drops.
  4. At this weekend’s practice, in addition to the $100 per class that Kenny will be putting up if at least six cars in a class show up, there’s more. Tony’s Mobile Home Service will put up an additional $100 for Pure Stock 2nd place. And, Monty will put up $50 for Pure Stock 3rd place..... Plus, Tony will collect $20 per driver in Pure Stocks for a side pot for those who want to participate, just like last weekend with the winner taking all of that. Six cars participated in that pot last weekend and that was some good fun. Tony will bring $100 in an envelope from him for second place and $50 in an envelope from me for third place and turn those those over to the track to distribute after the Pure Stock stock shootout along with Kenny’s $100 for the winner.. To participate in the $20 per driver side pot, go see Tony at his trailer. He will hold onto that money and hand over after the shoot out to the win er. . So, for example the winner could get $100 of Kenny‘s money plus whatever is in the side pot and walk away with that. Also, I was at practice last weekend and it is turning into an extremely nice facility and it is very obvious the amount of work and money that has been poured into the operation during the off-season. This is going to be one really nice place and I would encourage you to check it out if you have not yet. I personally will not get to be there this weekend due to other commitments, but everyone have fun.
  5. Posting for Mike Mosely. His in car Go Pro footage from 7/29/17. Enjoy
  6. Texana's Back To School Blowout

    I have missed a couple of races with other commitments but plan to be back on August 12th with "All Shook Up". Excited to see how many school supplies we can rustle up for the kids in the area. A great thing to be part of in our community and for a good reason. I know that Owen and I are committed to bringing $75 each worth of school supplies (much less than the cost of a race tire) and the track is purchasing as well. I want to encourage all race teams to participate to the level you are able. Let's hear who else wil be bringing school supplies for the August 12th TRP Back to School Blowout!!
  7. Black flag ...opinion only

    LOL Jay. And by the way, awesome post race summary as you always do!!! Folks, I really don't feel the original author of this thread was bashing, nor has anyone in this thread. My observation and learning is on how to title a topic to draw viewers. Successful completion of Marketing 101....LOL
  8. Black flag ...opinion only

    You know, What really tickles me is how the title of a post can draw so much interest. I mean, just look at how many views for this post compared to any other post in the last two or three months where we have marketed events and talked about the great things that the track was trying to do. Last night, I noticed there was over 800 views on this thread and I'm sure it's over 900 today, I just can't tell by looking from my phone. I'm thinking that whenever Kayla and I want to post about an upcoming event, maybe we will lead in with the words black flag or dirty driver before we post a topic about an event or something good that is going on. LOL . Right below this thread is the subject of military appreciation night on July 1st. Such an important thing to recognize but it will get only a fraction of the views. I mean, if we were to lead in our topics with "Black flag" or "cheater" or "dirty driver" it's one way to garner interest about the operation, I suppose. And, this is just an observation as well. Finally, I bet you do see the black flag a few times coming up and as you know last weekend with bigger money you're going to get harder driving competitors. I will say that I have never seen in about 10 years the amount of talent and competition in the class that I drive in (Street stocks). I really cannot say enough about that group. Very impressive talent, fast cars, and car count!
  9. Yes, We are Racing May 20th!

    And Mike Walling #29 for Mod Lites / Dwarfs
  10. TRP is "GREAT" Again!

    We also had an absolute blast on Saturday night. Man oh man, what a bunch of kids pursuing those Easter eggs... A big thank you to my one person army of a pit crew, Lauren Chamberlain. And it was kind of like turning the clock back about 10 years starting the feature on the front row along side Chris Shafer. Also enjoyed running several laps side-by-side with Michale Pesek. And, we christened the 57 body by kissing the wall after running so many laps on the high side, but not near as much damage as I was expecting. Was fun leading a bunch of laps while it lasted. And was please with the second place finish in the end. That Michale is on a roll this year. And, we sure have a good group in the street stock class. Very pleased to be in this class This is the stuff that dreams are made of. Ready for the next one
  11. South Texas Racing

    Yes indeed!!! What Arob said!! ^^^
  12. Points 3/25

    Brad, I was thinking as I watched you out there Saturday night, that was some awesome marketing for that car. If that won't sell it I'm not sure what will.
  13. We will bring an egg with a $15 gift card for the Edna Sonic, an egg with a $15 gift certificate from Bar-B-Que to Go in Ganado and we will donate $20 to Mr. Blankenship for the event costs/preparations, from Monty Chamberlain and "All Shook Up", the 57 Chevy Street Stock. We will bring an egg with the gift card and an egg with the gift certificate to the event on April 8th.
  14. Thank you!

    Whenever I go to a track anywhere, I take note of almost everything given my past experience helping a couple of folks. When I say everything, I mean everything from the top to the bottom, the basics all the way to the more detailed stuff that most drivers worry about. In 35+ years of going to tracks all over the place, even before I started racing, I have never had a hamburger at a track anywhere as good as the one y'all are making. The meat patty was quality and not a thin slice. I could tell the bun had been buttered and placed on the griddle to give it that toasted effect. And the lettuce and tomatoes were fresh and I especially appreciate that all of that is put on the burger inside the building instead of outside by me. Whatever meat your using, whatever seasoning your placing on the meat patties, and however your cook is doing the buns, don't change it!!!! I will buy a burger and more every single night if you guys keep that up!!! All the little things like this matter as much as the things that bring chatter on forums. Thank you for having practice for us!
  15. Practice This Saturday, March 18th

    Sitting on ready here!