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  1. WOW sore losser

    He rode home on the Ganasi team plane and celebrated with the crew. That is the real story
  2. William Byron

    Wow. Brad was a blocking fool last night. Did he forget was he was preaching last week?
  3. William Byron

    Karma keselowski got turned. Aww shucks
  4. Do you use VP Fuels? Better read this....

    The owner lives in. Mansion. Lol
  5. William Byron

    Willy needs to punt Brad and martin truex now and let the circus begin.
  6. William Byron

    Or Kyle Busch....again It is all fun until someone gets killed
  7. William Byron

    Yes sir.
  8. William Byron

    they bullied joey Logan and chase Elliot until they hit back. William needs to put Brad in the wall this weekend i wonder if brad would try that on Boyer? That would be fun to watch.
  9. William Byron

    William Byron needs to stand up for himself and punch Brad K in the nose. Do you think Brad will punt Kevin Harvick when he blocks him? otherwise the bullying will continue. Bust his face until he quits bullying
  10. Mr alex bowman

    Alex bowman has just proved poor boys can win
  11. 281 Speedway shuts down

    Had lots of fun there
  12. TSTRS Sponsor Event

    That was fantastic. Thanks to the racers who made appearances. That should get things moving. Now I see the cute blond that raced at HMP is coming back to help with media duties during the first race. I hope she helps get late models back. That will help with identity.
  13. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    Well, the good old boy theory has been shot down. Christopher Bell with Joe Gibbs Racing has bden disqualified for ride height violation. Just to be clear, it us not the shock guys fault. The shocks were disconnected dyring the process. That eliminates the two previous media attacks in innocent people