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  1. ISO iRacing SetUp / Advice

    this one is way off the "Chart" Serious !!!! it is for sale on FB....there are iracing set up's for sale pages on FB...
  2. I took a Girl Friend on a Date over to S.A. Speedway to watch that race in 1988. When we got there, The Speedway announcers was calling out to the fans for "Scoring" volunteers to help out with the scoring of that race. So we helped out scoring that race.... That race had the young "Clifford Allison" (Brother to Davy Allison, Sons to Bobby Allison) competing in that series on that race date at San Antonio Speedway in 1988. I am thinking that maybe "Red Farmer" may had competed in that race as well if my memory serves me correctly !!! Had a lot of fun....and was a great race !!!! those were the good ole days of southern style stock car racing for sure with watching standing members of the "Alabama Gang" racing up close !!! What a Treat !!!
  3. FYI - The First Two Oval Track Racing Events of the 2020 racing season at HMP in Houston, Texas are being Re-Scheduled and The Season Opening Events are being Pushed Backā€¦. ( Re-Scheduled Racing Event Dates T.B.A. soon)
  4. ISO

    I have a New set-up SS Metric Mote Carlo Complete power steering box assembly ready to bolt on...This is an SS type of Close - Lock performance steering box w/ hoses, bolts, an- fittings, pitman arm & nut, & steering shaft coupler all included.... However, it is located in Houston, Texas....But I am willing to ship to you if requested !!!! Ok thank You....if interested in this item, then please PM me to let me know...
  5. (WTB) - Looking for a good used Ford 9" complete third member assembly With a 31- Spline Full Spool, 5.83 L/W Gearing, & a wide "1330" front yoke for GM u-joints... Just a regular Ford 9" case & pinion support is Just Fine....Must be in very Good Condition... I am Located in Houston, Texas.... Pic's for display.... Thanks....
  6. 2020 racecars

    Here is a Turn-Key Dandy, Also For Sale as well....
  7. Lefthander Street Stock $4500

    Some Body, But Some Body Needs to SCOOP this one up asap.....THE Best of the Best right here....THE Deal of the Century right Here....Bar None....A Super Fast Car !!!! A Class Act Race Car & A Class Act Race Car Driver / Person as well !!!!
  8. a P/M with personal info has been sent...
  9. Scotty Barber, a local Houston, Texas area & former HMP, Golden Triangle Speedway, & 105 Speedway Racer....The Patriarch of his Family is not doing too well at this time....Our Thoughts & Prayers are needed for this very Strong South East Texas Family !!!! thanks...
  10. Racing Parts for sale