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  1. Hale to the Chief, Mr. Rodney Rodriguez … The Man with a plan !!! Let me tell you that it was very HOT at the race track HMP last night !!! But R.R. troopered though it.... He had a little Mic trouble, but got though that.... He had a little issues with his notes, but worked through that, He mostly was the only announcer most all of the time....He was able to slip away from the Mic for a brief break or two.... Had only a few quick sips of water here and there !!!! Could have went inside to the A/C, but did not choose to !!! But by the end of the night, He had entertained & informed the crowd like a TRUE Professional that he is....I don't think any other announcer could of held up to all those issues last night in that Muggy Heat ... A big "Good Job" to the Man...Mr. Rodriguez... Thanks R.R. , please keep up the good entertaining things that you do for us Texas race fans.... Good Job Buddy...
  2. One nation, under God....

    In Deed !!! Thanks for reminding us …. & God Bless our Troops & First Responders as well...
  3. HMP Race Tires for sale

    good to go...
  4. Pair of good used "METRIC" GM front brake rotors, that have been cleaned up & turned, w/ 5/8" coarse threaded racing lug-studs installed w/ the original 4,3/4" lug pattern. This set also includes all 4 new wheel bearings, 2 new seals, 10 new 1" lug-nuts, 2 new dust caps, 2 new spindle nut & washer included as well....a complete Metric front rotor set for Pure Stock - Factory Stock- Street Stock race cars. located in Houston, Texas... Asking $135.00 for this set.... Thanks...
  5. impending Management Change with T-STARS

    Well The New "Can-Do" & "Positive Open Minded Attitude" is at least a breath of fresh air towards good things to come.....
  6. Aluminum rear spoiler blade for sale. This straight & level fit spoiler blade is 54" long x 5" high w/ an 85* pitch. Spoiler is a bolt-on fit, comes w/o any bracing or side boards. located in Houston, Texas.....Asking $35.00 Thanks LSSZ....
  7. I have Two rolls of "Rolled Sheet Plastic" that I don't need any longer.... 1) complete new roll of Red sheet plastic....10' long x 24" wide x .70 thick..... = $25.00 1) partial roll of new Yellow sheet plastic.... (aprox.) 8',5" long x 24" wide x .70 thick = $20.00 can mail if need @ your cost.... located in Houston, Texas
  8. SOLD.... thanks LSSZ....
  9. * I have a GM Saginaw three speed transmission " Front Bearing Retainer Cover" to fit a GM Car bell housing w/ 4,5/8" wide hole from the day for sale. (includes a new seal installed, and a new front gasket as well) * GM car Bearing Retainer is $20.00 cash located in Houston, Texas... Thanks LSSZ...
  10. impending Management Change with T-STARS

    Well-Well.... Three Days in to the new Racing Series Promotion Teams (TSTRS) Reign at HMP, They seem to have jumped right in with a both feet running approach towards a Positive or Better Racing Experience at HMP for the race Fans & the Drivers as well. A breath of fresh air is always a good thing. I am also glad to see the old school Deep American Human/ Racing Family touch or Theme that this new Promoter is bringing to the table. (Meaning) This new Team has not forgotten Who they are and where they came from with the spirit of that....Family first, Racing a very close second !!! So with that said, Please do us some Good new HMP promotion team.... P/S: and you can believe that I got my "Two Cents" in....now it may be actually be Four or Five cents worth, but they will get the kinks worked out for the Fans & Racers too. They seem to understand this simple theory : " No Racers, = No Fans"..." No Fans, = No Racers"…. meaning it is a two way street !!! They got this.... Thanks for Listening ….. Metro
  11. I have my spare set of (Metric Frame) SBC racing motor mount set that is new, This mount set includes the upper mount pair & the frame mount lower mount pair. needed bolts & washers are included. I Can mail them to you if needed @ your cost! Located in Houston, Texas... asking $75.00 thanks >>>> SOLD <<<<<< Thank You LSSZ....