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  1. Longhorn Speedway

  2. New Unused, but I don't need these items any longer, 77" long x 5" wide ABC / LMSC approved High Impact Plastic Rocker Panels pair in Red for sale....asking $50.00 for the pair. 24'' wide x 8' long high impact Roll Plastic in Yellow also for sale....asking $25.00 located in Houston, Texas thanks
  3. Thank You HMP for All The Memories

    No, No....Thank You Sir...you were definitely entertaining for sure !!! Yes, you made us feel like one big happy racing family at the race track for sure! …..and always at the end of each racing Saturday night , you made sure to remind us to get up and make it out to church the next day....thanks for that... Maybe you can come back and make a Cameo Appearance once and a while and call just an Eco-Stock race the way you used to. you were entertaining & a class act....God Speed my Friend …... John C.
  4. "88 M/C - used Performance Bodies plastic rear tail/ bumper cover in good shape ….$25.00 - & Good straight steel used M/C hood (has some modifications to it) …. $50.00 located in Houston, Texas. Thanks
  5. A refurbished & unaltered pair of 78-88 Metric GM cars front lower control arms pair. new oem ball joints installed. asking $110.00 cash...located in Houston, Tx. thanks
  6. Ford 9" rear end "Drive Yoke""

    Ok Troy....FYI, this yoke is a total of 4, 3/16" long and will fit the standard Ford 28 spline pinion shaft. it is a standard length Ford style pinion yoke....But will fit or adapt to the wider GM 3,5/8" x 1, 1/8" cups U-Joint ( M-3R) if using a GM style drive shaft w/ GM style of M-3R or 1330 Universal Joints. Remember that the length of the drive yoke can & will affect the total length of drive shaft between the rear end & the transmission end tail shaft….very, very important !!! ( note: a normal Ford Car U-Joint were useually 1310 style u-joints that were 3,1/4" wide x 1,1/16" cups...) so meaning if your drive shaft uses Ford style 1310 u-joints, then this yoke is not for you.... FYI....still hold the Metric lower A-Frames for you as well.....don't forget them....or even please let me know if you are not interested in them any longer !!! Thanks Buddy..... Hope this info helps some.... John
  7. WELL...You might want to contact Aron Hogan @ T-Stars directly. "Possibly" They may put the Sport Mods on the card SOMETIMES if you could get up to 8 to 15 cars to commit & show up with the HMP tire rule....just may be, ask Aron and see !!!! I would guess of the Sport Mods not running with the Pro-Mods, but that is just a guess on my part.... it could not hurt to ask Aron though one way or the other.... Aron & Amy are reasonable racing minded people for sure.....
  8. 7.5 GM Metric Carrier

  9. Metric SS 2.5 turn steering box set

    P/M info has been sent..... thanks & your welcome!