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  1. Race Wheels - for sale -

    Still Here, All are in Black...
  2. bump...w/ more detailed pic's.....
  3. 1998 Texas 500 Program from TMS

    No, The very first Nascar race was the year before in April 1997....1998 was the Second year of Sold out Crowds at the races. In order to get the Drivers Scanner Channels, you had to buy a Race Program. Hope info help...
  4. 1998 Texas 500 Program from TMS

    PM Received, & replied to...
  5. In Mint Condition is a Texas Motor Speedway "1998 Texas 500" race program w/ the starting line up sheet from that race weekend. This race weekend was just the second Nascar Race at TMS in the late 90's. If there is any body interested in this Racing Program from Texas Nascar Racing History, You are welcome to it....Please just pay me some for my time & postage !!!
  6. Race Wheels - for sale -

  7. For Sale - Good used Hans Sport II Device in Large. Set of Post-Click Helmet anchors are included....Located in Houston, Texas...$450.00... For Sale - Good used My Laps Hard wire AMB 260x Transponder ….Located in Houston, Texas....$500.00... For Sale - New sticker set of four Hoosier R-750 Asphalt race tires for sale . Located in Houston, Texas …..$565.00.... thanks...
  8. I Have Four Extra Race Wheels For Sale …. 15 x 8 Speedway Motors Steel Race Wheels are Like Brand New.....These race wheels are 5 on 4,3/4" lug pattern...W/ all in 3" off sets. All four have been freshly painted Black !!! (None are IMCA Marked However !!!) Used lightly, and are like new.... Asking $100.00 per pair Only will sell in pairs or as all four for $200.00.....Located in Houston, Texas, Will ship if requested @ buyer cost!!! Thanks
  9. Looking for a late 70s OEM (Original) Camaro Brake pedal....Please PM me if have an extra one loose & laying around.... >>>> Found One , Thanks LSSZ.....<<<<
  10. Good Used five Star Bodies # 820 upper Roll Bar Mount Racing Convex Rear View Mirror for sale. Mirror is 17,3/4" long x 3" wide. Clamps on to 1,1/2" or 1,3/4" roll bar tubing, Fully adjustable...includes two new clamps... Asking $25.00 located in Houston, Texas...Can mail it to you at your cost if requested...( mirror does have some signs of use & some slight blemishes....But works as it should...) >>>>> SOLD, thanks LSSZ <<<<<<<<
  11. ISO iRacing SetUp / Advice

    this one is way off the "Chart" Serious !!!! it is for sale on FB....there are iracing set up's for sale pages on FB...
  12. I took a Girl Friend on a Date over to S.A. Speedway to watch that race in 1988. When we got there, The Speedway announcers was calling out to the fans for "Scoring" volunteers to help out with the scoring of that race. So we helped out scoring that race.... That race had the young "Clifford Allison" (Brother to Davy Allison, Sons to Bobby Allison) competing in that series on that race date at San Antonio Speedway in 1988. I am thinking that maybe "Red Farmer" may had competed in that race as well if my memory serves me correctly !!! Had a lot of fun....and was a great race !!!! those were the good ole days of southern style stock car racing for sure with watching standing members of the "Alabama Gang" racing up close !!! What a Treat !!!
  13. TSTRS First race date for 2020 has been re-scheduled to kick asphalt on 6/20/20.... as a NASCAR Home Track now... The NASCAR line up including the NASCAR Pro- Trucks, NASCAR Pro-Mods, NASCAR Outlaws, & The NASCAR Super Stocks & much more..... NASCAR racing is local now.... Better Late than never !!!