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  1. I have a good Used Kirkey 98- Series 17" wide Intermediate Aluminum Racing Seat w/ Brand New Black Tweed Seat Cover, & right side Head rest for sale..... Asking $250.00 located in Houston, Texas. thanks...
  2. sheet metal cost?

    * Day Motor Sports in Tyler, Texas has 4' x 10' - 0.40 in your choice of colored or painted Aluminum Sheets available @ $79.99 ea. * Smiley's Has the same at a similar price range as well !!! * Also, most Triple - S Steel locations handle plain "Mill" colored 4' x 10' - 0.40 Aluminum sheets as well.... * Wilson Sign Supply in Houston, Texas has Colored 4' x 10' - 0.40 Aluminum Sheets for a slightly higher price range.... ( Not sure if any of them will ship these items !!!) ( 0.40 thickness is the way to go !!!!) Hope info helps...

    Member "rocket55" use to have a T-Tex Tranny listed on this site recently. You may would want to P/M this member to check to see it he still has his available for sale !!! Hope Info Helps !!!
  4. Rule changes 2020 season

    Gina E-Mailed me Yesterday with a Heads-Up to me, She said that the HMP 2020 Rules will be done this week !!! Now please Note !!!! She did not say if the New rules will include any changes coming though. However the new HMP rules should be released real soon !!! ( Per: Gina !!!!) Hope info Helps….
  5. SA Raceway - Oval Asphalt?

    With out a Doubt a Second Quality Asphalt Racing facility in the Great State of Texas would have been very great.... However as RR is saying....As racers in Texas, We must save our Lament or Remorse over loosing CC Speedway, SAS, & Long Horn Speedway, or even The Proposed Marion Track and move on and put All of our Attention in to HMP and do what we All can to preserve Texas Style Asphalt Racing. Yes it is a very long haul some of you, and is right in some of us own back yard as well. We must treat this Racing Facility as it is in All of our back yards. It is time to just move on and Support any Texas Speedways still operating....Especially the ones that are on " Life Support" so to speak..... There is news of a new Track coming soon near Livingston, Tx., That new Track will need support as well... The Best way to say it, And Rodney has said it many times: " Support your Local Speedway across the great State of Texas...." And remember that HMP is the last remaining Asphalt Speedway and needs a lot of those eggs in that very special one of a kind basket as well... One of these days we are going to blink possibly....And Poof, HMP may be gone just like CC Speedway, SAS, & Longhorn Speedway was just in a Blink….. And Hopefully we don't loose Texana Raceway in Blink.... Thanks For Your Time....
  6. Good Used Ford 9" Front Yoke Kit...Short & Wide style to fit GM u-joints.... Comes with a brand new Nut & Washer, & new U-Clamps included... Located in Houston, Texas.... Asking $65.00 for this set.. thanks...
  7. Asphalt Super Stock, Roller...$4,500

    season is coming soon....
  8. SA Raceway - Oval Asphalt?

    Your Second "Assumption Description" would maybe be a better fit to your question.....
  9. In need of a complete 9" Ford third member Chunk...W/ 5.83 gear ratio & a 31 spline Full - Spool....& a long GM style u-joints front yoke as well... I'm located in Houston... ( Pic is an Example) Thanks
  10. 15 x 8 Race Wheels for sale

    yep, still here...
  11. Lefthander perimeter chassis

    Paul....Just A Suggestion !!!! - Maybe think on putting this nice ride up on a "Raffle type of Offering" sort like for $100, $200, or $300 a Spot or per chance on your FB page. If you decide to go in that direction, I would be in for three or four spots....This Raffle type of way to get your item sold seems to be a very popular way to get things sold these days on FB... Think on it... ( I have two cars for sale myself....I am thinking of doing this way of getting things sold myself !!!)
  12. Lefthander perimeter chassis

    Sweet Ride !!!! Looks like the best of best, including Detailed Workmanship is in this Nice Texas Ride....