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  1. I could use one with that gear ratio, But I prefer a "Full-Spool" thanks and good luck.... you won't have it long...good price...
  2. HMP Speedfest 11/9/19 Pic's

    Thanks "Bobby" for the pic's link (4T4 racing)....much appreciated for sure !!!! (Yep, The Writing is on the Wall !!!)
  3. HMP Speedfest 11/9/19 Pic's

    Who did HMP Speedfest Pic's ????

    Hey Rodney.....You left out Legacy Driver "Del Harris" as one of the returning racers back to racing again at HMP...Del is a great long time Pro-Stock driver at HMP back in the early days & a L/S Legacy Series driver at CTS in recent years. Good to see All of them back in the drivers seat once again....

    Ahhh… Progress !!!! that's what I personally have been waiting to hear for a long time now. Yes, thanks For John & Brian of bringing their cars out to show off of what these Original HMP Pro-Stocks/ Street Stocks are capable of Doing. These cars were Born to race at that beautiful 3/8 mile High-Banked race track, They were and still are a Natural at HMP....Yes, again very much so....These Cars deserve a chance to race at HMP again. They were a Fan Favorite at HMP, Fun to drive, Cheap to Produce & Operate.... So great to see that some very important Ground Work has been laid out for Progress for the Pro-Stocks/ Street Stocks. AS Rodney pointed out, Yes the Super Stocks and the Pro-Stocks ARE two different car classes. They are built different, & driven different....and of coarse COST different as well.... Well again, Thanks to John & Brian for coming out to strut the Pro-Stock stuff once again. Hopefully this can pave the road for an Independent Street Stock/ Pro- Stock class of returning to our Home ….HMP very, very soon !!! Thanks for your time LSSZ members....
  6. HMP Technet Speedfest & Season Finally Feature Winners 11/09/2019 Super Stocks = #92 Dillon Gaither Pro-Trucks = #30 Colt James Pro-Mods = #2 Dillon Spreen Pro-Outlaws = #17 Robert Barker Naskarts = #93 Chad Rogers Legacy = #82 Cade Mckee Eco-Stocks = #50 Doug Gibson Dwarf Feature = #18 Jerry Young
  7. Asphalt Super Stock, Roller...$3,600

    can be ready for the 2020 season @ HMP … quick & cheap !!!!
  8. Please Bring Back The Street Stocks

    Yes, a step in the right direction there # 55....all though it may be a Baby Step !!! None the less a step in the right direction….
  9. In need of a good used Jaz 12 bolt / 45* Fuel Cell fast filler neck 2,1/2" Jaz part # 345-250-03....They make them in 2,1/4" neck and a 2,1/2" neck.... I need a good one @ ....2,1/2" @ 45* ( just like the one in the pic below....) I you have a good used one laying around, I sure could use one please ! thanks for your time....
  10. Please Bring Back The Street Stocks

    There's No Crying in Baseball ...Oh ,ugh, whoops..."Racing" !!! Just asking for a Fair & Level Playing Field, That's All... is that too much to ask.... I am sorry but I take very much Pride in every thing that I do, Those who know me, knows that Family Based Trait is Deep Rooted with in me with out a doubt !!! That's how "I" Roll.....plain & simple....I am all ways on a path to gain a since of Accomplishment, All Ways....in Every Thing I do !!! (No Cheating, Nor Dirty Driving, Nor just Driving around is not in my recipe for success and accomplishment...) The Spirit of shear competition is what drives all of us racers....the Fans pay good money to come out and see that every race.... Thanks, For Your Time...
  11. Asphalt Super Stock, Roller...$3,600

    Pick this bargain up...
  12. Please Bring Back The Street Stocks

    Low-Cost, Fair & Equal, ( Apples to Apples)...No Trick This or Trick That high cost racing parts, Plain & Simple old school racing, That is All...