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  1. Yep, your right on all of the above comments......It is setting in the garage on jack stands as we speak almost completely race ready and with every thing a racer needs to racing Real Soon, with the needed Hans Device, the AMB Mylaps Transponder, a Brand New set of Hoosier race tires & new Aero Race Wheels, recent New RJS fuel cell, tons of used spare tires & wheels, Tons of Extra new Afco racing springs, Brand new Racequip Shoulder Harnes & Racequip window Net....( and including all of the new radio equipmet just purchased as well the car has engine option #2 (355 c.i. open motor) , Saginaw three speed tranny...(1.89 second gear), Ford 9" rear end for Metric G-Body w/ 5.83 Richmond 31-spline full-spool gearing & rear disc brakes, Comes with a Extra new 9" third member chunk (6.20 gearing), The radiator has been very recently flushed out and Water Wetter added.... Just needs a racer with his Helmet, Fire Suit, Gloves, Shoes and his set-up added to the car and go racing REAL SOON.....just that simple..... Thanks "Radical" for your kind comments.... Truly , HMP needs ALL of the cars on the track that they can get to put on good racing at the Palace of Power….. They really, really do need a driver in this car racing at HMP real soon....I just want to get out of racing...that's all.... this car is waiting to be raced some time real soon... ( I am in the process of changing all of the Fluids, Replacing the valve springs, a few other of a little finishing touches as we speak....will be done with those task real soon...) Thank you "LSSZ" and all of the speed zone Members to allow me to post this ad on LSSZ...Thanks Again "Nick" & Radical, scotty9, fastman, rocket55, cmize....I am Humbled..... Thanks....
  2. just needs your set up, and ready to go...
  3. Old SAS Video

    This Very Special Asphalt High- Banked Speedway opened in mid - late summer of 1977 as "Highway - 16 Raceway"....Some time around 1982 - 1984 this track was re-named as San Antonio Speedway from then on.... So my guess is since it is named SAS in this video, and the interior pits & grounds are still sparse and bare so to speak.... And the Late Model cars in the video is sharp wedge style nose type of Camaro & Firebirds with tall Lexan rear spoilers that came in to vouge in 1982 - 1984.... And late 60's & early 70's cars for street stocks racing in the video.... So My Guess is 1982 to 1984.... I raced there in 1980 & 1981 and it was named "Highway-16 Raceway" at that time with the "Alamo Raceway" drag strip that was just behind the oval track grand stands....you could watch both races from the top row of seats at SAS.... us Houston teams or us out of towner's got $60.00 Tow-Money on top of the Purse winnings for the night. Now that was how to run a rail-road....Good & Honest Track Management.... good times....
  4. HMP could use help with car counts in the SS class...Car is race ready... thanks
  5. No Longer Available.... Thanks LSSZ....
  6. I have a small group of good used Hoosier R-750 8" asphalt race tires That I don't need any more, but are still useable.... (83,3/4") two available... (85,1/4") three available... (85.0") one available... (86,1/2") one available... (87.0") one available... located in the Houston area.... @ $15.00 ea. thanks...
  7. The Race Season is here....Still Race Ready...
  8. Good used Allstar Performance aluminum & plastic racing style Fan Shroud. this shroud is in very good condition, and is used and has been mounted with some holes drilled for mounting. will fit up to a 31" aluminum racing style radiator and up to an 18" water pump fan...."no longer in need due to updating to an electric style cooling fan & fan shroud"..... asking $45.00 cash, located in Houston, Texas thanks
  9. Nascar Atlanta

    How about those real high "Outlaw Late Model" style rear spoilers !!!
  10. Daytona 00

    Thanks "arob" for pointing out the " still alive Tracks" ….good Job !!! Here is a short list of the recent Dead Tracks that come to mind that we ALL wish that they still going.... * Gator Motorplex... (Died) * Battleground Speedway.... (Died) * Corpus Christi Speedway... Died) * San Antonio / aka Hwy-16 Speedway.... (Died) * Pan-american Speedway....(Died years back)…. * Longhorn Speedway.... (Died years back) * Meyer Speedway....(Died years back) * I-37 Speedway....( issues, came back very strong) * STS....(issues, came back very strong) * Red River Speedway....( Died and has come back very recently as Monarch Speedway...) * Texana Speedway....( Died and came back) * Shady Oaks Speedway..... (Died) * CTS / aka Thunder Hill Raceway... (Died) * HMP...( had a short lay-off, but has fought it's way back to full-time starting this year...) * Cotton Bowl Speedway....Had some very slight issues, But is coming back stronger this year.... * Revolution Raceway Park.... Monroe, La. ( issues, closed...) ( there is most likely some that I have left out.....) But never the less....This list is all most as long as the current active area track list.... lets keep that in mind....."support your local track that is still going...."
  11. Daytona 00

    Uncle Nick is Right.....Read into what he is saying !!!! There was Short Track racing long before there was "NASCAR" Let's not loose our Focus on Our Local Short Track Racing.... Support your local Race Track.... and then just watch Nascar on TV "Sometimes for the big Dramatic Crash-O-Rama's", but let's not waist our time on those "Ro-Val Snooze fest" races.... But get out to your local track....be sure to bring the kid-o's, buy a t-shirt or two, get some pit passes, buy some race tires or racing fuel, or just pig out on some pop-corn, cotton candy, hot-dogs, Bud Lights = anything!!!! But like old times....Racers or Race Fans.....Just get out and do it.....get out to your local race track of your choice and support " Short Track Racing".... Like Uncle Nick said in a nut-shell, Short Track Racing needs our Attention Too !!! Lets all do our very best to Support Our Local Race tracks, Race Promoters, Racers, & last but not least...The Concession Stands at our local tracks as well... Thanks.... "