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  1. Please Bring Back The Street Stocks

    Yah....I Feel ya !!! on that note.....If my memory serves me correctly....I am thinking That I remember a Big "Red" Monte Carlo, A few Big Impalas or two, Even maybe a Big Olds Cutlass.....that fit in quite nicely and were pretty Darn Racy & Competitive I must say .....Hummm ??? Did not matter, It's ALL Good !!!! Please, Bring E'm Back.... Sort of like a "Throw Back" to the Hay-Days of Racing !!!!
  2. The "Street Stocks" are one of the Most Entertaining & Economical Short Track Racing Divisions at Race Tracks across America !!!! Including HMP in the recent past (I/E : Pro-Stocks)....Please Lets find a way to bring this Fan & Racer Favorite racing division back to our local Houston area Asphalt Short Track...... Even with just with Alternating race dates if or as needed..... Please !!!!! ( That's number one on my Christmas "WISH LIST" for sure !!!!!) Thank You LSSZ, for your time... - Metroracer -
  3. TSTRS - Input needed

    Yes you are very Right - Spanked !!!! is putting it nicely !!!! Right again, I would much rather race my car there again my self. But I just down right refuse to race with that "Exclusive Club Members Only - Super Stocks".....So I have chosen to try sell my entire race team if I can Soon !!!! Every Racer wants a fair & equal chance to Win if he can, But not to only finish Near Last or Last every race. Race Tracks must try to strive to insure a Safe, But a Level Playing Field as well with the racing classes. I have a race ready race car, a race ready race driver.....But Not a Race Ready Home Race Track to Race at. Scotty9 is right, Racing is Fun.....But not so much Fun when you come in last all of the time when I am racing a "Super Stock" racing up against (Limited Late Models) I'm with you Scotty, I would like to race there again.....But time is running out real soon!!! any one can't say that we did try very hard and we were very nice about it also..... thanks for your time LSSZ...
  4. * I have two un-used Afco 9,1/2" x 5,1/2" front racing springs (1 @ 700# & 1 @ 800#) for sale = $100.00 * Also have a pair of new un-used Front Non-Adj. 5,1/2" spring spacer cups ( can be trimmed as needed) = $60.00 located in Houston, Texas thanks
  5. I have a good used Stock GM 7.5 rear end Carrier for sale. ( carrier only, no gears, no locking pin, or spider gears) asking $50.00 cash....located in Houston, Texas. thanks
  6. 71 cars counts...yes, a little better ! but still needs improvement though !!! A work in Progress....
  7. * Eco Stocks = # 2 Doug Gibson * NASKARTS = # 23 Corey O'Donnell * Legacy's = #23 Peyton Mitchell * Outlaws = # 96 Greg Davidson * Pro-Mods = #5 Jake Kruger * Pro-Trucks = #9 Logan Boyett * Super Stocks = #8 Brandon Gaither Full Race results listed on "speedhive.com'
  8. ISO GM 7.5 Differential Carrier

    Matt....I have one available !!! I'm in Houston, Texas.... It is a OEM Stock one. It is in good used condition, still has the outer bearings on it that you will have to press off.... but no spider gears or locking Pin is included. Asking $50.00 for it....
  9. Labor Day Classic at HMP this Saturday, Aug 31

    Good Point... However a Normal Full Card of classes are posted to be in competition this weekend at HMP....( exception : Less the Dwarfs...)
  10. TSTRS - Input needed

    " FYI" >>>> IF <<<<< TSTRS was to bring the "Factory Stocks" to HMP as a Dirt Crossover add in class..... The Factory Stock Rules that they are "THINKING" of are listed below..... Notice ….that these Rules are the "Ark-La-Tex" Northern Texas & Northern Louisiana area Factory Stocks... A Cut above than most South Texas area Pure Stocks that think they are Factory Stocks.... Just giving Teams a heads-up on what may be coming..... Take note to the .447 lift cam rule.....& Body requirements... However, I am sticking FIRMLY with my vote for the Street Stock / Pro-Stocks and to Grandfather the Supers into the Outlaws... thanks.... 2019 FACTORY STOCK RULES.pdf factory stock body diagram.pdf
  11. a pair of new un-used spring buckets w/ 1" jack bolt nut welded in. ( weld in place) just don't need any longer...in Houston. $65.00 pr. thanks >>>>> Sold, thanks LSSZ.... <<<<<<<
  12. TSTRS - Input needed

    No Crossovers needed, return the Pro-Stocks / Street Stocks to the fold and tweak the SS to fit in with the Outlaws. thanks....
  13. TSTRS - Input needed

    Yes I agree with Chipperd93.... Grandfather in the Supers with Outlaws, Restore the Pro-Stock / Street Stock Division, and may be rotate the Factory's with the Eco's or Legacy's sometimes.... Thanks...