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  1. 9" Ford Third Member, 6.20

    Still Available...
  2. Monte Carlo Steel Hood Skin for sale. Located in Houston, Texas.... asking $75.00, Thanks
  3. Sticker Hoosier R-750 race tires set

    P/M Sent, Thanks.
  4. Seasons Greetings

    Yes Please....
  5. HMP super stock

    Ok Great, Good Deal.... Yes it will make a very Good HMP Super Stock for Sure..... seems to be a Very Good Well Built / Start Up race car for some Driver for Sure.... Best regards....
  6. Sticker Hoosier R-750 race tires set

    Pick these up for HMP Practice & Set up in March 2021... (2,1/4" of stagger...)
  7. Pick this one up, Great HMP starter car for a young driver at HMP !!!
  8. HMP super stock

    Wes... Great looking Race Car & Well Built as well. Yes would be great for a Super Stock Starter Car for HMP indeed. Some one needs to Scoop this one up soon...
  9. Try "Colt Mize" in Porter, Texas.... He had some "R-750 Pull-Off's" that he had for sale here a few weeks ago on Face Book.... Try to make contact with him to see if he still has his tires available. If you can not find any Used ones, I have a set of New Sticker ones that I am trying to sell.... I am in the Houston area as well.... My new set has (2,1/4") of stagger.... Hope info Helps...
  10. Seasons Greetings

    Is that Uncle Bob ???? Hello our long lost Announcer Friend !!! Hope all is well my Friend !!!
  11. 2021 season schedule

    Here are SOME Info from TSTRS released recently.... Seems that they are still Working things out.....Some changes may be on the way....Read for your self.... They seem to be working for 8 race dates @ HMP in 2021.... stay tuned for the release of those "Hard Dates to be Coming out Soon" 8 HMP race dates to be announced soon. Drag strip is increasing dates and looking to be open Saturdays so coordinating has been tougher. No drastic if any rule changes at all planned for regular classes. If you were good in ‘20 you still are. There is a great opportunity for the team in a possible purchase of Mobile International Speedway. Should that happen there would be opportunities for teams to travel and campaign for 2 track and state titles. Texas Trucks would lead this charge in a “Gulf Coast Pro Truck Series” tour. Should MIS not happen we will be working with Montgomery and Pensacola for some Gulf Coast Trucks and Modifieds of Mayhem shows at those tracks and HMP. TSTRS is working to nail some Super/Pro Late Model and Modifieds of Mayhem shows at Houston. Dates are being negotiated. TSTRS has had discussions with Owen Pittman of Texana Raceway Park to co-op some multi surface shows for a stock car class. Most likely Factory Stock. This is a new development details to come. Remember we are still in the COVID-19 era. Anything we work on could be subject to change.
  12. HMP Rules 2021 season

    TSTRS @ HMP has some what updated their 2021 outlook & possible Plans. enclosed is a copy of their Brief Info Release Today.... ( Remember, These are all "Possible Plans" that they are Still Hammering Out at this time....) Texas Short Track Racing Series _ Facebook.html Hope info Helps...
  13. Seasons Greetings

    Ho-Ho-Ho..... Merry Christmas & Pease to All.... Also Thanks to Uncle Nick for bringing us LSSZ..... It is a Needed Blessing for us Texas Racers for sure... Thanks Uncle Nick...
  14. HMP Rules 2021 season

    Darknight, TSTRS usually gets the New Rules out & the New Race Schedule out after the Holidays, and After The Series Award Banquet in January.... Hang in there Buddy..... Hope info helps...& Best Wishes