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  1. No Worries Uncle Nick !!!!, we understand that Glitches Happen Some Times in this Day & Age !!! Life Goes on... However, Just make sure to pay the Light Bill, To keep the Lights on at that Large LSSZ Corporate Office Complex over there!!!
  2. Lefthander Street Stock $4500

    Yah Nick, That Car Sold last Year.... It is now one of the Reininger"s Team HMP Super Stock Car now....
  3. Tim,  Do You have an extra  11" Good Used Powerglide  Torque Converter lying around that you would be willing to sell?  Just in need of a Torque Converter !!!

    Thanks Buddy...

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    2. Tim8Pure


      No problem, most of the 11" converters advertised are actually 12", so just be aware of that.

    3. metroracer


      I told him about your converter & the F-45 race tire that you sell.   He said he has all ready talked to you about things.   He seems to know you,  His Name is Mike.....   He said that he is building an new factory Stock.  The only reason that I know,  is that he was inquiring about some race wheels that I have for sale on my Face Book group page.....  "Street Stock Race Cars & Parts Classifieds - Buy, Sell, Trade".  If you do the Face Book thing ???,   Then Please Join that F/B Group Classified Page and help Grow that Racing Classified Group Page,  And tell your racing friends to join as well.   Feel free to post your Racing Related Selling Ads to help sell your Racing Tires that you sell as well as your other racing items that you sell from time to time.   You can also post ISO's & WTB's on that page as well.

      Think About it...

      Thanks Buddy... ( I do hope Mike does buy your converter from you...)

    4. Tim8Pure


      I'll check out that FB group, I may be a member already. If it's the same Mike, he was just at my house last week picking up some F45's. Thanks for the help!!

  4. Looking for a Friend, In need of a good 11" Torque Converter for a Powerglide Tranny.... Let Me Know.... Thanks ----> Found One, Thanks LSSZ... <----
  5. GCRS 2022 Race Schedule

    the GCRS 2022 Race Schedule is Ready.... With Race Dates @ MIS & HMP. Check it Out on the " GCRS Forum Page" on this Forum.... ( No updates on any 2022 Rules Info or Rules Changes as of Yet!, Hang Tight....)
  6. 2022

    With out a Doubt.... The S/A is very Rich with Dedicated & Deep Rooted Racing Community with a Long Time Deep Rooted Need for a Quality Paved Oval Racing Facility. I raced at Highway-16 / SAS in the very early 80's when Meyer Speedway here in Houston Closed Down. The Track Crew & the Officials was the Best & Very Friendly to Out of Town Racers. The track also gladly paid " Extra Tow Money of $60.00 added to the purses of Out of Town Drivers", That sure helped us out of town drivers a whole lot. Also the City of San Antonio People & Race Fans were very Nice & Friendly to be around.... The Times that I was able to Race at SAS was a Pleasure indeed.... Those Race Fans liked their Racing at the SAS Oval Speedway & the Drag Strip directly behind the Oval.... Race Fans had All of the Racing of their choice in the close same area was a Treat For all of the Area Racing Fans & Racers alike. Good Times to say the least.... I Do Very Much Hope that Nick's Dream & Resolution does actually Comes True very much Sooner than Later.... The Racers & Race Fans of Central & South Texas does deserve a State of the Art Oval Racing Facility some Time in Uncle Nick's Life Time !!! I have No Doubt that a Quality Racing Facility Pits & Stands would be Filled every Racing Event. Also: The Tech Shed should have: "The Nick Holt Tech & Track Officials Tech Inspecting Shed" in Honor of one the San Antonio Area's Most Dedicated "Circle Track Racer" of all time... Thanks for Listening.....
  7. Track List

  8. Track List

    Well, With No Disrespect Intended.... But from what I am Seeing & Reading in to on the Gulf Coast Racing Series Home Page in regards of plans of 2022 HMP Oval Track Racing Events seem to be in Full Swing. They are about to Announce Rules Change & Race Dates very, very Soon for "HMP" in Houston & for the Sister Track " MIS" in Mobile, Al. . HMP & MIS have had a "Kick Asphalt type of Approach" in the last few Years, And from what recent updates that I am seeing directly from the GCRS Home Page here in the last day or so with plans of Significant Rules Changes coming up for Some of the Racing Divisions in 2022 for the HMP Oval Track.... Tends to lead me in the Strong Belief that the GSRS / HMP/ MIS is Alive & Well and set for a "Go" for 2022... Thanks for your Time...
  9. Good Used GM 7.5 Rear End Drive Yoke W/ Retainer Clips for sale. Fits 78-88 GM Metric Mid-Sized 7.5 rear ends. Located in Houston, Texas. Asking $50.00 Thanks for Looking...
  10. How many of you are running Legacy cars

    Well , HMP in Houston, Texas in S/E Texas runs them as a support class on a regular basis..... HMP is a Paved 3/8 mile oval track. As a Support Class, they do very well & are very Popular at that track. That Track's racing series there is called "GCRS" = Gulf Coast Racing Series. They would love to have You are Your Dad race there in that Racing Class. However, Remember this.... That Class uses "American Racer" type of racing tires at that track..... Also... on this forum there is a Legacy Team Selling Out w/ Two or Three cars available at this time for sale.... so connect with that team ( Ty Hymel) if you are interested in some Quality Legacy Racing Cars & Equipment. Hope info Helps ...
  11. Snowball 2021

    19 year old 'Chandler Smith' is the 2021 Snow Ball Derby Winner, & 2nd Derek Thorn, 3rd Cole Butcher......Congrats....
  12. Your Quote: "I believe They are Not Racing at HMP any more !!!" ( Humm, Whoooops....)
  13. GCRS Pro-Modified Driver Chris Ehrhardt , #4 (Ehrhardt Motorsports) is Sponsoring a Holiday Toy Drive for these Holidays. Please look up Chris Ehrhardt Social Media Pages to Donate some toys to some Needy Kids for this Holiday Season..... Great Racing Driver at HMP, Please Support his Toy Drive for the Kiddo's Soon. Thanks for Looking