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  1. Well.... Hummm ….. that is a "DEEP" Subject !!! But, Let's hope so.... Would be great if they can get it done ! However, "Stay Thirsty My Friend !!!!!"
  2. #81 Asphalt Pro Modified (100% Complete)

    Jump right in, the water is fine..... Meaning ALL types of racing is fun.... All though it may be a good idea to get some seat time & a little more experience under your belt before taking on one of these Elite & Powerful type of Pro-Mods right a way.... So get you a Mod-Lite, Eco-Stock, Allison Legacy Cars, Dwarfs, Pure Stock, Street Stock before moving up the ladder of classes as your experience & pocket book grows a little bit more.... Set Goals.... Hope info Helps....
  3. Marion Update?

    I agree with King & Tim..... We as Texas Racers & Race Fans are kind of tired of hearing fancy talking round about "Words" or we're in conversations, negotiations, Plans this, Plans that....., Financing this, Financing that...., Searching for Partners here & there...., things are looking up....., Progress is being made here & there.... Please spare us of all that behind the scenes Drama.... WE are all just Anxious for More Texas style Short Track Racing Venus, but mostly a Fresh new Modern & Safe Asphalt Oval Track for local style short track racing yes, but other traveling type of racing series events & racing drivers from other asphalt racing series from other parts of the country as well. As other members have stated many times, Please find a way to Build it, and the Racers & fans will come out and support it with no doubt !!! WE are Hungry for this track to be built... So can we just get it done, with out all of the "Talking & Hype" we have been waiting to hear about pending race dates to be set, what type of race classes, and rules packages so on and so forth to get our cars ready....But are still in the talking & planning stage... We are really tired of Talk....Enough Fancy Talk or water cooler type of Gossip....We are needing a Race Track ASAP.... Either there is going to be a race track and it is going to open on this date w/planned race dates, or if nothing is has been signed yet, or No race track due to Problems of some kind that fell through, or we're still looking for that rich business man that likes racing... When any real concrete information is actually known !!! then talk to us..... That's what we want to hear one way or the other.....Please !!!! thanks for your time....
  4. New LSSZ Forum

    Well there may be some possible problems.... * its not in time or the timing is off ! * the spark plug wires are crossed ! * the spark plugs need to be cleaned or re-gaped possibly ! * if it has injectors, check the injectors ! hope info helps....
  5. Tubing

    Try "Industrial Piping & Supply" @ 333 45th st. Corpus Christi, Tx. 361-884-1677 hope info helps...
  6. Spring Buckets

  7. ohhh, that's going to be a chunk of change for that Wheel conversion..... Yes, They were either Silver or Chrome, I'm Thinking ???? Yes I'll take a few of them off of your hands that are painted, but not any of the Chrome ones please... Please bring them to the next race with you, and I will come by & pick those up from you.... Thanks for the Offer, Big Core.... J.C.
  8. Happy Easter

    Ok, a Happy Easter Season to all of the Speed Zone'rs , Texas Racers, & Texas Race Fans.... It is time to take a small break in the racing action for little bit, & enjoy Easter with your Friends & Family this week end... And Lets all keep Mike McCain in our thoughts & Prayers, Let's all hope that he can get his Beloved Truck back soon!!!! Good Luck Mike...
  9. I am in need of about three Good Used Aero or Bassett 15 x 8 race wheels with 4,3/4" lug-pattern and w/ 3" off-sets (only)….prefer in black... Must be clean & nice...Please I am located in the Houston Area.... Let me know what is available, and we will go from there... thanks in advance…. >>>>>> Found Some, Thanks LSSZ....<<<<<<
  10. Spring Buckets

    Sorry, items not for sale any longer....sending back to Speedway Motors for refund... Thank You LSSZ Members...
  11. used Monte Carlo hood - SOLD !

    >>>> SALE PENNDING <<<<<
  12. used Monte Carlo hood - SOLD !

    ok, thanks..